jdev - 2024-01-20

  1. sonicmaster

    @singpolyma : it does not, it shows a c++ error message

  2. sonicmaster


  3. sonicmaster

    @singpolyma: dino/windows7 :(

  4. Martin

    Maybe you need to pick an older build. As you run win7 you seem to not worry about outdated and potentially insecure SW anyway. ;-)

  5. sonicmaster

    @Martin : older build of dino for windows?

  6. Martin

    Yeah, maybe. Just guessing as I neither use windows nor Dino. I just did a PoC some time ago which bundled lags windows build in an nsis installer and am hosting the Dino windows muc since then. But maybe there is a good place to ask whether there is a old build which is known to work on win7 (but I still don't recommend the use of an unsupported OS).

  7. Martin