jdev - 2024-01-24

  1. moparisthebest

    100% of XMPP client devs when you ask if they know the developer of the XMPP library they use: https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/024/965/well.jpg

  2. wgreenhouse


  3. jonas’

    debacle, the pecking order of lua performance goes roughly 5.4 > 5.1 > 5.2 > 5.3 if I recall correctly.

  4. debacle

    jonas’ OK, we will start with 5.1 then and go to 5.4, if we get the cross-compile right. Thanks!

  5. Zash

    Also, LuaJIT either at the top or bottom depending on which of cpu or memory is the limiting factor

  6. thonker

    hello, I'm trying to work with the slixmpp echo component example (https://codeberg.org/poezio/slixmpp/src/branch/master/examples/echo_component.py). I've added the component to prosody and when I try to connect, prosody says `Unhandled s2sin_unauthed stream element or stanza: handshake; xmlns=jabber:component:accept` and closes the connection

  7. thonker

    what might I be missing?

  8. Zash

    Sounds like you are connecting to the wrong port if it says `s2sin`

  9. thonker

    oh, that was it. I tried what the config file said was the default component port and it didn't work so I just did `netstat` and tried the first one I saw lua listening on 😅

  10. Zash


  11. thonker

    thank you

  12. Zash

    I'd suggest you read all of https://prosody.im/doc/components before doing anything else :)

  13. MattJ

    We should probably update that page, which e.g. recommends Spectrum for bridging to MSN :)

  14. Zash


  15. thonker

    I added a muc component to prosody with `restrict_room_creation = false` but if I try to make a new room, I'm greeted with a blank screen, no room is created, and nothing shows in prosody logs. The MUC service shows up in discover services. How do I troubleshoot?

  16. MattJ

    Enable debug logs in Prosody and try again

  17. thonker

    MattJ: https://dpaste.org/XKdRv/raw

  18. MattJ

    What's the error you receive?

  19. thonker

    Gajim just shows a blank page with the error icon but no message. I tried in Cheogram to see if it was different, and it let me thru to a chat window without error, but sending messages results in "item not found"

  20. thonker

    ...altho now I notice the bookmark appears in Gajim and I'm receiving the carbons. Gajim also reports item-not-found on message send

  21. thonker

    Discover services shows the component but I can't browse it, and Destroy Rooms command shows no rooms

  22. MattJ

    I meant the XML you receive back

  23. MattJ

    Oh, item not found probably

  24. MattJ

    So what was sent?

  25. MattJ

    Presumably something was sent to a room that doesn't exist

  26. thonker

    I'm trying to create the room....

  27. MattJ

    By doing what?

  28. thonker

    C-n in Gajim and typing in test@muc.domain. What I believe used to happen, when I had a config that worked, was that it would give me an option to try to start either a regular chat or group chat. But now it only presents the option to start a regular chat

  29. thonker

    Prior to today, I had a working MUC component on this server, and only one VirtualHost. I added the VirtualHost that I'm connecting from and since then, even the original MUC component no longer works, even if I remove all my changes from today.

  30. lovetox

    thonker, there is a dedicated create groupchat option

  31. lovetox

    you cannot start a groupchat by simply typing some invented address