jdev - 2024-01-30

  1. debacle

    Beginners XMPP question: When I create a PEP node with presence subscription model, is the owner automatically subscribed? If so, can this be prevented? How? Server is ejabberd.

  2. singpolyma

    yes owner is subscribed to their own presence

  3. debacle

    singpolyma Can I unsubscribe? It doesn't make any sense to send and iq and then receive a headline message afterwards with the same content :-)

  4. debacle

    Something something filter notifications...

  5. flow

    debacle, wouldn't other avaialble sessions of the owner also then receive the headline message? Which sounds sensible behavior

  6. flow

    but yes, in cases where you know that an there is a most one avaialble session it would probably be nice to create a node with presence subscrption model where you don't get your items immediatly back

  7. flow

    at least, if I understand the situation correctly, it sounds like exaclty one of those opportunities where we could reduce traffic

  8. flow

    especially if the notification is with payload

  9. debacle

    flow Is there any way to prevent this? It is a serious problem for my application.

  10. debacle

    flow In my case, there is only one client, an IoT device. Multiple sessions must not exist.

  11. singpolyma

    you could not use presence model?

  12. debacle

    singpolyma Well, we recently changed from whitelist to presence model :-) We can change back, but that's... meh.

  13. debacle

    singpolyma Presence subscription has some advantages for us. But getting all the data back, that we just sent is a killer :-(

  14. debacle

    And I wonder, what purpose this behaviour has. In which situation is it useful to echo everything?