jdev - 2024-02-10

  1. nicoco

    xep-0004 and 0045 question: when a client changes the room config, is it OK to reply with an empty <iq type=result /> or should the form values be present in the iq/result in an x/type=result?

  2. nicoco

    mmmm prosody reples with the form values, so I'll reply with the form values too

  3. lero

    Hi. How can I register an account on xmpp.org ?

  4. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    you cant. xmpp.org is not open to registrations

  5. lero

    Жаль 😏

  6. MattJ

    lero, https://joinjabber.org/docs/ to get started

  7. homebeach

    Why not open xmpp.org for public registration? It would be easier for people to have one well known server like it is in matrix.org.

  8. moparisthebest

    Centralization is a huge anti-feature imho

  9. wgreenhouse

    homebeach: jabber.org belongs to the xsf for historical reasons, but isn't particularly active

  10. Zash

    Running a public server is a lot of work that the XSF shouldn't be doing.

  11. mathieui

    homebeach, and matrix.org is "too big to fail" at this point, which is kind of a problem in the matrix ecosystem, and costs quite a bit to run both in hardware and humans

  12. mathieui

    the XSF has neither the will nor the money to do that

  13. Zash

    wgreenhouse, jabber.org doesn't belong to the xsf

  14. wgreenhouse

    excuse me for accidental misinfo then

  15. Zash

    having a go-to service like jabber.org, matrix.org, mastodon.social(?) makes sense when starting a new protocol, but it's not healthy for the ecosystem in the long term for there to be one big server.

  16. wgreenhouse

    yeah, as the financial implosion of the matrix.org foundation from now having to pay real money for these shows.

  17. wgreenhouse

    even if done with all good faith it is not sustainable

  18. singpolyma

    Centralization aside, the main reason xmpp.org isn't a service provider is because it's a volunteer standards body / protocol bikeshedding space, so it would be off topic for the org