jdev - 2024-02-11

  1. flow

    I guess the main reason is that whatever server implmenetation would be choosen to run xmpp.org, it could be seen as an endorsement of that implementation

  2. flow

    while I still would want the XSF to transform from a standards-only organization into a foundation that not only drives the standardization process, but also provides a place for developers and users, I think I wouldn't want it to also provide XMPP services (like we did in the jaber.org days)

  3. Wirlaburla

    Every week, the xmpp.org instance swaps servers.

  4. Wirlaburla

    One week its Prosody, the next its ejabberd.

  5. Wirlaburla

    Everyone is being endorsed!

  6. Martin

    Server migration every week? That's terrible.

  7. Wirlaburla

    It could be automated.

  8. Wirlaburla

    Log off before it happens and then log back in like 15 minutes later. Now you're on Tigase.

  9. edhelas

    The same way the Matrix guys are doing, every week they swap servers, one week its Synapse, the other one its Synapse

  10. Martin

    At least in xmpp there is more than one production ready server.

  11. Wirlaburla

    Run all of them at the same time.

  12. Wirlaburla

    My ideas are GREAT.

  13. Martin

    Yeah, and make srv records with the same priority so it will be random in which muc you'll end up. 😂

  14. Wirlaburla

    Gateway them all up and just let it be a gamble which one you get registered to.

  15. Wirlaburla

    Users of the official XMPP instances will begin creating clans of their assigned servers, go to messaging war with the others. It'll be historic. It'll be great.

  16. Schimon

    I am testing Ad-hoc commands against a news bot I write. I am executing commands via Gajim and Psi against the bot in group where JID can not be seen. However, the bot, apparently *knows* my JID. How come attempting to ask for a list of ad-hoc commands reveal JIDs?

  17. Schimon

    Slixfeed is the bot. If you attempt to execute command (and then got to "settings" or "subscriptions"), you will see that the bot *has* you JID.

  18. MattJ

    Are you or the bot an admin?

  19. wgreenhouse

    Schimon: a clue is that when I look at the command list in jabber.el, the commands tp execute refer to Slixfeed's real JID, not its MUC/nick-as-resource

  20. wgreenhouse

    assuming slixfeed@canchat.org/XYoothAnSEDE is its true fulljid

  21. wgreenhouse

    so I suspect the iqs sent when executing commands aren't mediated by the MUC

  22. wgreenhouse

    but go directly

  23. gidepi

    Bots are cancer of the internet. Please don't make bots if dev.

  24. gidepi

    Use your skills for something more useful

  25. Wirlaburla

    I don't see the problem with bots as long as they aren't the kind to spam or abuse resources.

  26. Schimon

    gidepi, this is a news bot which is completely under your control.

  27. wgreenhouse

    Schimon: so it looks like the bot reveals its own true JID to people on the channel, and then encourages commands to go to that, not via the MUC

  28. Schimon

    This bot is good in cases you have someone who, for any reason, has no access to SSH, so he can launch that bot instead.

  29. Schimon

    > Schimon: so it looks like the bot reveals its own true JID to people on the channel, and then encourages commands to go to that, not via the MUC wgreenhouse, Thank you. This sounds reasonable. I will continue investigating.

  30. Schimon

    > assuming slixfeed@canchat.org/XYoothAnSEDE is its true fulljid It is indeed the bot JID

  31. wgreenhouse

    yep, so that is where it is advertising the commands are

  32. Schimon

    > Are you or the bot an admin? MattJ, no, not me nor the bot.

  33. wgreenhouse

    MattJ: it's here in this channel; that's where I tried just now