jdev - 2024-04-23

  1. MattJ

    Does Gajim no longer do vcard-temp?

  2. MattJ

    Oh, I think I had a typo in a namespace

  3. singpolyma

    I thought it just did vcard4 now mostly

  4. lovetox

    MattJ, fyi, no

  5. MattJ

    I only saw a vcard4 request when I opened the contact details, but then I have an unusual setup and it had a bug, so could have been that

  6. lovetox

    i thought that was the reason why we pushed that burden to servers, with the conversion, so clients can dropit

  7. MattJ


  8. MattJ

    I wasn't complaining if you had dropped it, I was just curious 🙂

  9. lovetox

    did anyone implement removing multiple fallbacks?

  10. lovetox

    what are the unwritten rules there? can two different fallbacks overlap?

  11. singpolyma

    I have it yes. overlap... would somewhat work I think with what I have now, but is not well tested

  12. lovetox

    the question was more like, does that even make sense

  13. edhelas

    New Movim release, v0.24 codename Mueller :)

  14. edhelas


  15. lbocquet

    Announcements done on social networks!

  16. edhelas