jdev - 2024-04-24

  1. edhelas

    > be me > implement a new XEP and make a new release > get a new mail > [Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0388 (Extensible SASL Profile) > stress > Changelog: Fixed typos (md) > everything is fine

  2. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    how can i see the diff actually? is it only github?

  3. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    clicking on the version just brings up the whole document so github i guess

  4. flow

    what's the go to, if any, xmpp↔signal bridge?

  5. singpolyma


  6. moparisthebest

    I recommend the much better "sending your signal contact a Snikket invite" 😁

  7. flow

    ok, so I have a small group of six persons that are currently using signal, how would you approach them to use xmpp instead?

  8. flow

    where would you recommend them to register an account?

  9. Martin

    By sending an invitation they'd get an account on my server.

  10. flow


  11. Zash

    This is where you get side-tracked into implementing invitations ;)

  12. Martin

    flow: https://blog.prosody.im/great-invitations/

  13. flow

    ok, that's all very technical, while my question wasn't rethorical. What is "our" story to convert a group of signal users to XMPP users?

  14. flow

    I assume the best thing we have is to redirect them to https://xmpp.org/getting-started/ ?

  15. Zash

    This is a technical room. Personally I found that the healthiest way to convert people is to ignore them and go work on technical things instead.

  16. Martin

    flow: I have some people who use xmpp for me (and our hockey group). They still use WhatsApp but at least they also use XMPP now and I brought them to XMPP by sending them the invitation. So they don't need to pick a server and are guided in picking a client.

  17. Zash

    But the Snikket onboarding flow is Very Nice, you should try it

  18. flow

    Zash, this https://snikket.org/start/ ?

  19. Zash

    Probably not

  20. Zash

    Someone has to run the server, then invite the others, and now you've lost them

  21. flow

    now I get it, you suggest that I run a snikket server and invite the others

  22. Zash

    depending on the group, that may be suitable

  23. moparisthebest

    > now I get it, you suggest that I run a snikket server and invite the others flow: yes exactly! There is no "signing up" for them or even "logging in", they click your link, install Snikket with Google play and are immediately in a chat with you and everyone else you invited

  24. Trung

    can't get rid of Google but it's a start in the "right" direction 😉

  25. moparisthebest

    Well they can follow the link and install via f-droid instead but I think that doesn't automatically log them in?

  26. edhelas

    Last time I clicked a random link from a friend I got Rick Rolled

  27. Zash

    I didn't see "get rid of Google" in the requirements for this scenario

  28. Trung

    if you download f-droid on a typical android, google will say "you're making a terrible decision for your vitality."