jdev - 2024-04-27

  1. bodqhrohro

    XEP-0308 tells: > To deal with multiple payloads, the sender MUST re-send the entire stanza, only altering id and the payloads being corrected and adding the 'replace' payload. It is expected that the receiver SHOULD then treat the new stanza as complete replacement for all the payloads received in the original stanza. But in reality, it seems like if an original message stanza contains a reply payload, and a message correction stanza doesn't, clients still preserve the reply. Is that a correct behaviour?

  2. singpolyma

    Most clients have a kind of buggy interpretation and just look at the body unfortunately

  3. bodqhrohro

    singpolyma: are there some clients which don't?

  4. lovetox

    Yes with the next release Gajim