jdev - 2024-05-01

  1. lovetox

    whats the strategy on preventing duplicates on mam fetch vs life messages in MUCs?

  2. lovetox

    Previously i simply checked for each message if the stanza id is already known in the database

  3. lovetox

    but lately we learned that biboumi reuses stanzaids

  4. Guus

    'regular' stanza IDs, or XEP-0359 stanza IDs? iirc, MAM states that unique archive IDs MUST be used server-sided, so hopefully you can use the XEP-0359 ones?

  5. Guus

    if you're XEP-0359 stanza IDs are not unique (per archive), well, ... then... err.... let me put it this way; people once suggested to me that I start a career in potato farming instead.

  6. lovetox

    yes it reuses xep-0

  7. lovetox

    yes it reuses xep-0359 ids

  8. lovetox

    as this is the most used irc bridge, and its not a very active project at the moment

  9. lovetox

    i really dont want to break it

  10. singpolyma

    They reuse mam IDs to the same user for unrelated messages? That's far to broken to be worth a workaround imo, I wonder how it works at all

  11. Zash

    Wasn't it multi-line messages broken into many?

  12. lovetox

    if you send a message which is over the irc protocol limit, they split the message, and send you back 2 messages with the same stanza id

  13. lovetox

    also same message-id

  14. singpolyma

    Well, that's a bug and I suppose unexpected things will happen

  15. Zash

    It's a feature!

  16. singpolyma


  17. lovetox

    what unexpected things .. if you dont have a deduplicating mechanism on the stanza id

  18. lovetox

    everything works ..

  19. singpolyma

    But as you say you murt have such a mechanism if you do mam sync with muc

  20. singpolyma

    But as you say you must have such a mechanism if you do mam sync with muc

  21. lovetox

    my question was not really about biboumi, i just wanted to know in general how you deal with getting live messages while you fetching history from mam

  22. lovetox

    singpolyma, do you depulicate on stanza-id?

  23. singpolyma

    I use mam id as primary key, so yes

  24. lovetox

    ok, so at least in the irc case, we could say this happens very rarley, because you need to type messages over the protocol limit

  25. MattJ

    The stanza-id MUST be unique

  26. singpolyma

    Yeah, this is a bug in biboumi that needs fixed

  27. MattJ

    Previously I assumed biboumi was only showing this behaviour on the @id

  28. singpolyma

    On the @id it's a bad choice but *maybe* not a bug

  29. singpolyma

    On mam id it's a bug

  30. lovetox

    yeah .. i cannot work around this without breaking other stuff ..

  31. lovetox

    its just too much of a hassle

  32. singpolyma

    I'm not sure there's even any workaround possible

  33. lovetox

    you could special case behavior in your code when joined a IRC channel

  34. lovetox

    but yeah dont want to do that

  35. singpolyma

    To what? Show dupes with live messages instead of dedupe?

  36. lovetox

    yes, having a duplicate on that rare occasion where you send messages over 512 bytes

  37. lovetox

    is probably less of a problem, then missing messages

  38. lovetox

    is probably less of a problem, than missing messages

  39. singpolyma

    You'll only miss trailing parts of messages from yourself

  40. singpolyma

    The other way could get dupes in every join since no dedupe in place

  41. lovetox

    really ? i didnt try how biboumi sends this message to other participants, but i would assume also with doubled stanza id

  42. singpolyma

    I didn't test either, but biboumi does not have multiple participants really. There is no shared state. Seperate mam storage etc

  43. singpolyma

    Other participants see only what came over their own IRC connection

  44. lovetox

    there is one storage per room or not?

  45. lovetox

    if mutiple xmpp users are connected to the same bridge service, they will all draw messages from that storage

  46. Zash


  47. singpolyma

    Onebstorage per user per channel

  48. singpolyma

    One storage per user per channel

  49. lovetox

    ok, so this only affects messages i send

  50. singpolyma

    Yeah, I expect so

  51. lovetox

    then i could replace the stanza id with something different, only in the case i find a duplicate on messages i sent, or something

  52. singpolyma

    But how do you know it's not just a duplicate?

  53. lovetox

    as said there is probably not a perfect way, but one duplicate in this rare case is the lesser problem

  54. lovetox

    i could also limit messages to irc channels to 512 bytes

  55. lovetox

    so the user does not get into this situation at all

  56. singpolyma

    And also limit newlines? And any other rules this IRC server might have

  57. lovetox

    i tested newlines, funny thing is the newline split results in a message with a new stanza id

  58. singpolyma


  59. lovetox

    its only the split inside one line

  60. singpolyma

    So it really is a small bug. Should be not hard to fix on biboumi side

  61. singpolyma

    This explains why such long messages always look broken to me in every client I use

  62. lovetox


  63. singpolyma

    Because they are 😛

  64. lovetox

    here a sample exchange

  65. lovetox

    first stanza is sent message outgoing, a really long text with multiline and long lines

  66. lovetox

    notice how the first returned message has a different stanza id as the second one, and the second and third one are the same again

  67. lovetox

    seems this is a trivial bug then, it seems to support generating new stanza ids on splitting on new line

  68. lovetox

    i added a issue https://codeberg.org/poezio/biboumi/issues/3471

  69. lovetox

    hope some soul that can write C++ will tackle this

  70. lovetox

    i think i go the route with deduplicating on stanza-id, and limiting user to smaller messages

  71. lovetox

    to not get into this situation

  72. rom1dep

    seems to be broken in Conversations also. I just got one instance of this where a long message sent from gajim and that got split didn't have its tail shown on Conversations. That said the MUC reflection is weird in Gajim, because the sent message appeared whole, and then the split messages came repeating parts of it.

  73. rom1dep

    > This explains why such long messages always look broken to me in every client I use what I was replying to ↑

  74. singpolyma

    rom1dep: specifically it turns out to be broken in biboumi

  75. rom1dep

    Agreed, I was just meaning to say that Conversations seems a bit better than gajim at updating its message history with what is actually received by others (as long as it was sent from that client in the first place)

  76. lovetox

    as seen in this paste https://pastebin.com/3hCjfnir

  77. lovetox

    you see the message we sent out with a specific message id, but biboumi returns the first message with a different message id

  78. lovetox

    its another thing biboumi should *not* do, modifying message ids for no reason

  79. singpolyma

    Should be the same when the same and different when different. Right now seems arbitrarily broken both ways

  80. praveen

    singpolyma, Thilo confirms we can indeed go with xep 0389 https://github.com/monal-im/Monal/issues/565#issuecomment-2084344689

  81. singpolyma

    I think no one knows until it's built :) then I guess we change the xep to match whatever got done

  82. praveen

    singpolyma, thanks for your feedback, we can add any missing bits to the xep I guess

  83. rom1dep

    so, I have the impression that the interesting bits about biboumi's line splitting misery happens here: https://codeberg.org/poezio/biboumi/src/branch/master/src/bridge/bridge.cpp#L212 but that doesn't make sense (to me, a layman): on one hand biboumi splits messages by lines (with \n as separator) and stores that (L230) and sends that to XMPP clients (L244) but the actual cutting of long messages (and what ends up being sent to IRC) happens elsewhere: https://codeberg.org/poezio/biboumi/src/branch/master/src/irc/irc_client.cpp#L562

  84. rom1dep

    so my take is that biboumi isn't faithful to what IRC users see (news to me), and I wonder if that should be fixed before fiddling with IDs

  85. rom1dep

    oh, now I think I get it (maybe? I'm still not a C++ person), IRC's send_message ( https://codeberg.org/poezio/biboumi/src/branch/master/src/irc/irc_client.cpp#L464 ) takes a callback from https://codeberg.org/poezio/biboumi/src/branch/master/src/bridge/bridge.cpp#L236 which is how the reflection dance works

  86. rom1dep

    lovetox: would one problem be that the ID on lines 23 and 31 of https://pastebin.com/3hCjfnir is the same? (i.e. d8348140-2773-49a1-97b1-29f8bf992730)

  87. lovetox

    no 24 and 32 is the problem

  88. lovetox

    stanza-id needs always be unique per message

  89. rom1dep

    got it

  90. rom1dep

    at least I now understand why they are identical

  91. lovetox2

    but just so you know in Gajim i think i found a fix, you should not experience the problem anymore

  92. rom1dep

    that's great! I guess it would be even better if every client didn't have to add new quirks

  93. rom1dep

    I suspect movim also gets pretty annoyed by those judging from repeated weird behaviors of biboumi chans (CC edhelas )

  94. singpolyma

    Indeed, fixing biboumi is better. Workarounds in clients will just delay the fix

  95. rom1dep

    can those IDs be arbitrary? Like, could I make it so that 0fb4ee3a-f714-4b09-b092-d0cfc03085be becomes 0fb4ee3a-f714-4b09-b092-d0cfc03085be.1?

  96. singpolyma


  97. lovetox

    yeah just add a number, close enough :d

  98. rom1dep

    if I knew how to concatenate strings with ints, we'd have a dirty fix

  99. lovetox

    does anyone has merge rights on the biboumi repo?

  100. lovetox

    last time someone told me the maintainer was lost

  101. lovetox

    last time someone told me the maintainer went missing

  102. singpolyma

    It's been forked under the same name effectively i think

  103. rom1dep

    I think Link Mauve merged something some months ago?

  104. moparisthebest

    Yep the whole poezio team I think, the French gang we call them

  105. rom1dep

    moparisthebest: you know, for a while I was expecting you were French because of what I was reading as "Paris" in your nick :)

  106. rom1dep

    moparisthebest: you know, for a while I was expecting you to be French because of what I was reading as "Paris" in your nick :)

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  107. moparisthebest

    > moparisthebest: you know, for a while I was expecting you to be French because of what I was reading as "Paris" in your nick :) ⚰️

  108. rom1dep

    moparisthebest: don't tell me I'm the first one to tell you that :)

  109. rom1dep

    > [100%] Built target biboumi damn, what did I do.

  110. rom1dep


  111. lovetox


  112. moparisthebest

    rom1dep: sadly you are not 😁💀

  113. wgreenhouse

    lovetox: https://codeberg.org/poezio/biboumi is the friendly fork afaik

  114. rom1dep

    > https://codeberg.org/rom1dep/biboumi/commit/98fa07fa3e4a1db6971492b38b8790b894e3424b don't use this branch, I've yet to work around some weird things