jdev - 2024-05-02

  1. akshay

    Congrats to GSOC accepted contributors

  2. nicoco

    is there a way for MUCs to advertise "in advance" (eg in their disco info/features) that "changing your nick is not possible in here"? or should MUCs just reply a "not-acceptable" presence error in reply to the "nickname change presence"?

  3. nicoco

    Still about these MUC nickname changes… Can someone confirm that presence errors should come from muc@component/OLD-NICK and not from muc@component/NICKNAME-THAT-WAS-DENIED? Examples seem to indicate that, but since they are not normative…

  4. nicoco

    And a last question… > If the sender is not an occupant of the room in which the intended recipient is visiting, the service MUST return a <not-acceptable/> error to the sender. Does that mean that as soon as a client receive a message error of type not-acceptable it should consider that it has been "silently kicked" and attempt to re-join?

  5. mathieui

    wgreenhouse, not so much a friendly fork but rather a new home for the repo

  6. mathieui

    we simply lack access to the louiz.org subdomain to make appropriate changes to the docs page

  7. mathieui

    (I still have access to the gitlab server, but gitlab itself is shutdown for security reasons)