jdev - 2024-05-12

  1. MattJ

    doompub: Prosody has mod_much_limits, for example

  2. nicoco

    About that invalid reaction emojis, FWIW in matrix I've seen reactions abused by using english words. The use-case was a "github bot" which would send a message like "new PR opened at <url>" then react to its own message with "🟠️ Tests pending" and finally update with sth like "🟢️ Tests OK". Now I'm not saying it's good design or anything, just sharing what I've seen there :)

  3. nicoco

    Element (matrix client) would just display that full text in a "bubble" just like actual emojis. I don't even know if that's valid by the spec, but Element seemed to not mind.

  4. lovetox

    the line between useful and abuse is very thin

  5. lovetox


  6. lovetox

    A XEP where you can safely ignore all business rules

  7. lovetox

    it was a different world in 2008

  8. lovetox

    > Because some users might not want this feature to disturb them, a client MUST either (1) allow the user to disable support or (2) disable the feature

  9. lovetox

    a XEP that mandates GUI preference options in a client with a MUST

  10. lovetox

    you MUST not disturb your users

  11. singpolyma

    Which xep is this?

  12. lovetox

    the one i posted the link to 4 messages ago

  13. lovetox

    i want to bring attention back at some point to Gajim, but seeing as this standard is so misguided, i wonder if we should not publish a new one

  14. singpolyma

    Ah, i see. I only implement that in muc right now so it follows the notify preferences for the muc

  15. singpolyma

    I agree most of the business rules are silly, but probably we can just change/remive most of them

  16. singpolyma

    Doesn't affect the protocol at all, the protocol seems good