jdev - 2024-05-14

  1. moparisthebest

    astanad: does that server listen to TLS on that port? Does sendall also flush? If not that'd be one of your problems

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  5. lovetox

    question about https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0343.html

  6. lovetox

    feels weird that its just adds some nodes under urn:xmpp:jingle:transports:ice-udp:1

  7. lovetox

    as i understood a transport until now, is, its a specific way to transport the data

  8. lovetox

    should using a different protocol like webrtc not be its own transport?

  9. singpolyma

    Wibrtc is not a different protocol

  10. singpolyma

    It's just a description for a particular set of protocols, which happens to be an overlapping set with what jingle has supported traditionally

  11. lovetox

    still feels weird implementing ice udp, and finding a client which announces to support ice udp transport, does not mean it will work

  12. lovetox

    one client may only support webrtc datachannels, the other one not

  13. singpolyma

    I don't know what that means. If they support ice-udp then they support webrtc it's the same thing?

  14. singpolyma

    Or ice but no one implemented that xep

  15. lovetox

    i might talk nonsense, i have only a very limited understanding of these protocols

  16. singpolyma

    Webrtc as an implementation is the same as ice xep, mostly the same as ice-udp xep (except it can allow tcp too)

  17. singpolyma

    DTLS-SRTP is required as well be the official webrtc implementations while we've traditionally treated it as optional in the protocol

  18. doompub

    >MattJ 02:15 doompub: Prosody has mod_much_limits, for example similar for ejabberd?

  19. doompub

    >MattJ 02:15 doompub: Prosody has mod_much_limits, for example similar for ejabberd? RE: How can I rate limit "guest" accounts for a MUC? ie, after 5 refreshes/guest users assigned, it is blocked from any more for 1 hour