jdev - 2024-06-27

  1. Schimon

    Good day! Where can I find groupchats of type MIX?

  2. Schimon

    I am working on a moderation bot for MUC, and I want to add support for MIX.

  3. jonas’

    I do not know of any public MIX deployment

  4. Guus

    Does Tigase's server have it? I think they run a public domain?

  5. Schimon

    I will be glad to know of any. Most of the work is done, and I suppose that only a few modifications are required to adapt the bot to MIX. I will publish the source code, soon.

  6. Stefan

    What should a client do if the client joined a room and get a presence type unavailable with code 110?

  7. Kev


  8. Kev


  9. Stefan

    I think I got what has been written in the XEP. This is the usecase: 1) I kill my client or get a connection lost. 2) I reconnect and join the room. 3) I got a type='unavailable' like https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#example-81

  10. Stefan

    Ah,.. maybe the unavailable is just before I send the "join room" stanza. I will check again. Thanks.