jdev - 2024-06-28

  1. Wojtek

    > Does Tigase's server have it? I think they run a public domain? Yes, we do have it on our public server (tigase.im / sure.im / xmpp.cloud) so anyone is free to test :-) ( @Schimon ) Blog: https://tigase.org/blog/tigase-im-mix/

  2. Schimon

    Wojtek, thank you!

  3. Schimon

    Wojtek: I am working on a moderation bot, which currently supports MUC only. I would be glad if you would allow a test MIX groupchat for further developing this bot to support MIX as well.

  4. Schimon

    Wojtek: Please contact me at xmpp:sch@pimux.de?message

  5. praveen

    > at least, the 404.city user should become aware that they can send messages to me, but that my response won't be delivered to them https://invent.kde.org/melvo/xmpp-providers/-/issues/132 please comment

  6. lbocquet

    Wojtek: I have already informed Schimon :)