XMPP Service Operators - 2011-04-13

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  5. 0xAFFE hi folks, I'm admin of boese-ban.de fyi
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  14. bear hello
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  18. stpeter howdy
  19. stpeter ben, check your email for various account passwords
  20. stpeter I really appreciate your help!
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  22. stpeter hi Swen
  23. Swen Hi there
  24. stpeter I think the next task is for me to provide a list of the requests I half-processed last year :)
  25. stpeter we could do that on a wiki page
  26. Swen yes, that would be great, we will check those again and implement them into the list
  27. stpeter rght
  28. stpeter we could use http://tracker.xmpp.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa but that's a bit heavy, perhaps
  29. Swen nice project tracker!
  30. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Public_Services created
  31. stpeter I'll make some updates to that right now
  32. Swen ok great, i will delete the offline servers later
  33. stpeter well I am being pulled off to a lunch meeting, so I won't edit the page now
  34. stpeter bbiab
  35. ben account passwords arrived, thanks stpeter
  36. Swen all right, i guess i have no permission to hide or delete a row in this table..... can you try it ben?
  37. ben can you give an example row?
  38. ben seems to work for me, swen
  39. Swen row 10 is outdates, default.rs is not longer active
  40. Swen outdated
  41. ben yep, i can hide rows
  42. Swen ok great
  43. Swen i will have a look which numbers are the offline ones
  44. ben that would be cool :)
  45. Swen row 5 and 6 cassilis.net and chatmask.com - both offline
  46. Swen row 37 and 38 jabber.hispano.org and jabberbr.com both offline
  47. Swen row 41 and 49 jabberim.de and lethyro.net both offline
  48. ben i'll just hide them for now, the great cleanup can be done when we add the new applications
  49. Swen after that, we could add your and my services to the list, and peters as well (when we receive it)
  50. Swen yes of course, i wouldn't delete them either
  51. Swen by peters i meant the one's which weren't added in the last year ;)
  52. ben lets wait for peter to add his "half-processed list" to the wiki
  53. ben how did you check the servers?
  54. Swen yes, better plan, all together is the better way
  55. Swen you mean the SRV check?
  56. ben yep
  57. Swen i will paste the command
  58. Swen one sec
  59. Swen you can check this through a simple dig command
  60. Swen like this
  61. Swen dig SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.jabberheaven.com
  62. Swen or dig SRV _xmpp-client._tcp.jabberheaven.com
  63. ben yes, thats clear, thought you used matthias ertls script from the ML
  64. Swen ah, no i didn't i just checked the ping resolve, SRV records and website
  65. Swen those "offline" ones haven't had any response to any of these checks
  66. ben I'll see if it could be used against a list of servers, so we could do regular checks on the whole list
  67. ben (the script)
  68. ben would also reduce manual work to approve new servers
  69. Swen that would be very helpfull
  70. ben as far as i can see, it checks all criteria for being added to list (http://xmpp.org/resources/public-services/verification/)
  71. Swen besides of the personal contact i guess
  72. ben sure :P
  73. Swen but the precheck could be done through this script, that would save a lot of time
  74. ben I'm trying to put applications of this year into a processable list-form…we should consider putting up a form for people to fill out, so this could also be scripted...
  75. Swen good idea
  76. stpeter hey guys, I'm back
  77. stpeter the primary check I really care about is to make sure that the real owners of the domain or admins of the service are the ones asking to be listed, thus the messages to hostmaster@ and so on
  78. ben hey
  79. stpeter but scripting the rest with a form etc. sounds good
  80. ben sure, personal contact should be first concern
  81. ben the scripting part is to make the boring stuff easier
  82. stpeter yep :)
  83. stpeter do you guys have the right permissions to modify the table?
  84. ben i can, but swen doesn't seem to be able
  85. stpeter hmm
  86. stpeter ok let me check
  87. ben i already hid the offline servers from the public table
  88. ben (the ones swen checked)
  89. stpeter you both have "Editor" status
  90. stpeter in WordPress
  91. ben hmm, thats weird :)
  92. Swen yeah could be my browser
  93. Swen sometimes i just hate chromium ;)
  94. stpeter hehe
  95. stpeter I use FF most of the time
  96. Swen i changed because of the weird java errors of FF... but the new one should be better, i'll give it a try
  97. stpeter ok
  98. stpeter if that doesn't help, I can make you both Administrators
  99. Swen shouldn't be neccessary
  100. stpeter unfortunately I need to be offline for the next hour or so, but tonight I will update the wiki page so we can start tracking the registrations
  101. ben do you know up to which month you "half-processed" applications?
  102. stpeter only up to July
  103. ben good, then i'll try to put the later ones into a processable format
  104. stpeter ok
  105. Swen great great :)
  106. stpeter sure, there are many since then
  107. Swen i will go offline too, i have to work tomorrow morning... and it's bedtime in germany right now ;)
  108. stpeter :)
  109. ben i already started, and now i understand why those things were postponed :)
  110. Swen allright, i'm off for now, see you guy's latest tomorrow morning, i will do some work on the list at work
  111. ben good night
  112. Swen my luck taht i'm working for a domain registrar ;)
  113. Swen good night
  114. stpeter so I have half-processed (verified that domain owners approve) these: chrome.pl, tigase.im, jabber.me, weavver.com, univers-libre.net, jabber.earth.li, rkquery.de, lightwitch.org, xmpp-hosting.de, and theforest.us
  115. stpeter Swen: tschüss
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  117. ben hey, you have an "ü"-key :)
  118. stpeter ben: if you have time, you can update http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Public_Services with that information, or I can do it a bit later today
  119. stpeter no, I have alt-u to make an umlaut as a combining character, then I can type another key like 'u' or 'y'
  120. ben unfortunately I'm sharing time-zones with swen, so I'll have to hit the bed too in about an hour, but I'll post everything i have done to the wiki-page
  121. stpeter oh yeah no hurry :)
  122. ben so, not native ü :)
  123. stpeter as you can see, we have a backlog since almost a year -- a few days won't be so bad :)
  124. stpeter right, it's not native ü
  125. stpeter I am in America after all :)
  126. ben thats why I was wondering :)
  127. stpeter :)
  128. stpeter ok, I'm going to log off now, but I will update the wiki page this evening (only 14:24 here)
  129. ben have a nice rest-day
  130. stpeter danke schön, und güte nacht :)
  131. stpeter tschuss!
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