XMPP Service Operators - 2011-09-07

  1. naw

    hi, it seeems that there is a spam attack going on on some servers

  2. naw

    a bot joins a room, and then sends a private message to participants "Hi! I would like to present you a phone flooder - FlooSIP. For details in ICQ: 882868"

  3. naw

    it uses different jids

  4. ben

    hi, yep saw that too today

  5. naw

    I guess I should report it to the operators mail list

  6. 0xAFFE

    here too

  7. naw

    at jabber.org?

  8. 0xAFFE

    nope, boese-ban.de

  9. naw

    from our server (jabberes.org) it has attacked 12jabber.com

  10. naw

    I have to go

  11. naw

    hi stpeter

  12. stpeter

    hi naw