XMPP Service Operators - 2013-03-02

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  2. sss

    good night, can anyone suggest any docs how to properly setup shaping and other limits for ejabberd ?

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  35. naw

    sss: https://git.process-one.net/ejabberd/mainline/blobs/raw/v2.1.11/doc/guide.html#htoc26

  36. sss

    naw, thx, i will check now

  37. sss

    naw, ok, i already using this shapers and also captcha, maybe some more detailed guide exists about how to configure good protection against spammers and other "bad" users

  38. sss

    i am asking because i have read discussion about invitations spam on google jabber servers, as i understand shaping and registration captcha does not solve this problem directly, as it can help against overall spammers activiti it does not protect from s2s traffic

  39. sss

    i mean from specific s2s traffic

  40. naw

    no, I don't know much about that, sorry

  41. sss

    ok, thx anyway

  42. naw

    there were some XEPs in development years ago, but I have not followed the news about jabber/xmpp lately

  43. sss

    i reading not very often too

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