XMPP Service Operators - 2014-02-22

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  17. gio@jit.si Hi, I hope today goes well.
  18. gio@jit.si I've just opened my server to full federation (allow all). It has required ssl on c2s and s2s, only problem is I've got a self-sighned cert.
  19. gio@jit.si Also I have ejabberd stuns required.
  20. gio@jit.si Also, I was at a rave last night!
  21. gio@jit.si but that's irrelevant.
  22. gio@jit.si What do you all expect from today?
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  25. gio@jit.si Is this where things will be co-ordinated?
  26. gio@jit.si and tested?
  27. gio@jit.si and reported?
  28. gio@jit.si OK, I'll be back
  29. gio@jit.si later
  30. gio@jit.si .
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  35. gio@jit.si Hi again, am looking at the various results from https://xmpp.net/list.php
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  39. gio@jit.si Some servers, respect client cipher ordering.. How to avoid this?
  40. gio@jit.si The server I operate, ejabberd, unfortunately respects client cipher ordering.
  41. gio@jit.si Anybody from ejabberd devs who can help with this?
  42. gio@jit.si Yeah, I was hoping ejabberd might release some new software for today.
  43. gio@jit.si I think the respect of client cipher ordering has to do with open ssl. Is this correct?
  44. gio@jit.si Well, I hope things will liven up later today.
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  47. gio@jit.si Ejabberd 13.12 has cipher odering options. Unfortunately I am using the freebsd current port, ejabberd 2.1.13.
  48. gio@jit.si I see jabber.calyxinstitute.org use Prosody to enforce OTR. Can this be done with ejabberd? See https://xmpp.net/result.php?domain=jabber.calyxinstitute.org&type=client and https://twitter.com/search?q=xmpp&src=typd
  49. gio@jit.si opps
  50. gio@jit.si Previous 2 messages here not showing
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  55. gio@jit.si I didn't know that jitsi.org is part of google. Did you?
  56. gio@jit.si https://xmpp.net/result.php?domain=jitsi.org&type=client
  57. mathieui gio@jit.si, no, ejabberd cannot do this
  58. mathieui well, if someone were to write a module for it, maybe
  59. gio@jit.si Hi mathiuei, you use ejabberd?
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  66. gio@jit.si My messages are not visible to me unless I quit adium and restart.
  67. mathieui weird
  68. mathieui and no, I use prosody
  69. gio@jit.si Were you around at the first encrypt all xmpp connections day?
  70. mathieui yes
  71. mathieui not specifically here, but yes
  72. gio@jit.si I've been scanning the various mailing lists but I haven't seen any particular plan or co-ordinated plan of action for today. I wasn't around on day1.
  73. mathieui well, the plan is here http://xmpp.org/2014/02/second-security-test-day/
  74. mathieui there isn’t much to do except wait & see
  75. gio@jit.si Ok, maybe its early..
  76. mathieui and yes, US isn’t awake yet
  77. gio@jit.si zzz, I think I'll go for a rest and come back later. Nice to speak to you. Catch you later in the day.
  78. mathieui see ya
  79. gio@jit.si I'm in GMT, London. You? France?
  80. mathieui yes, france
  81. gio@jit.si Cool, yeah, I just checked your xmpp profile.
  82. gio@jit.si I don't know this "Poezio" client. Sounds good.
  83. gio@jit.si Looks ok for command line access. I've been using irssi-xmpp plugin, but not otr available there for now.
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  85. gio@jit.si Anyhow, only dependency on US is DNS.
  86. gio@jit.si zzz.
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  88. Simon How is everyone's XMPP security testing going?
  89. gio@jit.si So so. I can't force OTR on the ejabberd server. I can't force server based cipher ordering via current openssl on freebsd, so not so good for me.
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  95. andol Well, my @gmail.com xmpp contacts still breaks :) By the way, are we testing enforcing proper certs too today?
  96. gio@jit.si I haven't tried xmpp to gmail/google chat. I read google weren't using s2s ssl encryption. I think part of the plan is to test valid certs, thought I haven;t got one. A big F for me.
  97. Simon gio: which xmpp server are you using?
  98. gio@jit.si ejabberd.
  99. gio@jit.si have you tried ejabberd to gmail/google chat gateway?
  100. Simon nope - tried working on Ejabberd a lot a long time ago.
  101. Simon used it for buddycloud stuff for about a year.
  102. gio@jit.si and your favorite now? Prosidy?
  103. Simon Prosody for smaller sites.
  104. gio@jit.si and for bigger sites?
  105. Simon Tigase for larger sites.
  106. gio@jit.si ok.
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  110. Simon I know Ejabberd claims amazing scalability etc, but Tigase really delivers it.
  111. gio@jit.si I am looking at tigase.org website now. It promotes it's ability to handle large-scale use. Though if general federation works not so important for small scale servers.
  112. gio@jit.si What I like is the possibilty of enforced OTR.
  113. gio@jit.si which my ejabberd server does not do.
  114. gio@jit.si As I have very few users of my xmpp server, at what point does clustering become relevant, in terms of quantity of users? Sure I would set up a second or third xmpp back server, but on a signe server (I have never tried to stress test)
  115. gio@jit.si but on a single server at how many users start to slow things down, in general?
  116. Simon gio - user counts really only influence memory use. It's what the users are doing.
  117. mathieui gio@jit.si, clustering becomes relevant when you start hittling more than thousands of concurrent users that do things, on a decent server
  118. mathieui hitting*
  119. gio@jit.si Well, for now I don't need to worry!
  120. Simon Tigase and their clustering components will get you up to the 10M user mark
  121. gio@jit.si Although there is a plan to setup new open xmpp service with provisioning for jitsi client.
  122. Simon I'd really like to include a hosted version of jitsi on the buddycloud hosted servers
  123. Simon "sign-up for buddycloud, get hosted jitsi on your domain too."
  124. gio@jit.si I see, but I don't yet understand all the advantages of provisioning.
  125. Simon basically it's a "just add these dns records and you will have XMPP+buddycloud+oTalk(+jitsi)."
  126. gio@jit.si I see, but can;t that be done on "first connection"?
  127. Simon it would be - but it needs to be running and working for any domain that signs up.
  128. Simon that's the provisioning bit.
  129. gio@jit.si I see.
  130. gio@jit.si Offering xmpp to any domain.
  131. Simon yes
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  156. aRyo Simon: is that "provisioning" thing possible?
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  158. Simon aryo: we've built it and are working to get it deployed now. If you are interested, here's the code: https://github.com/buddycloud/hosting
  159. aRyo actually buddycloud is too much for me
  160. aRyo offering XMPP to any registered domain, that is good idea
  161. Simon aRyo - for sure - some will use it. Some not. Nobody is forcing anyone.
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  163. aRyo yes, it can be an option for them
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  166. hugo Hi. I have a server that wanted to test for this test day, but the test service in xmpp.net is giving me " "" is not a valid domain name. "
  167. hugo I tried with another xmpp server and its the same. Is there any problem with the tester?
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  180. hugo Now its back.
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