XMPP Service Operators - 2017-02-20

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  325. ThibG

    hm, it seems the failure from the other day is related to my _xmpp-server._tcp SRV entry, which points to a different sub-domain

  326. ThibG

    but this is the point of a SRV entry, and I fail to see how it could be a problem

  327. stpeter


  328. stpeter

    your SRV entry seems fine

  329. ThibG

    I changed it

  330. stpeter


  331. ThibG

    I'll change it back

  332. stpeter

    $ dig +short -t SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.sitedethib.com 10 0 5269 sitedethib.com.

  333. ThibG

    I'm testing things

  334. stpeter

    that's what I see

  335. stpeter


  336. ThibG

    it was pointing to warp.sitedethib.com.

  337. ThibG

    which is the same machine

  338. stpeter nods

  339. stpeter

    compare to the jabber.org SRV: $ dig +short -t SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.jabber.org 31 30 5269 hermes2v6.jabber.org. 30 30 5269 hermes2.jabber.org.

  340. ThibG

    my guess so far is that xmpp.net uses warp.sitedethib.com to check the certificate

  341. ThibG

    which is obviously wrong

  342. stpeter

    bbiaf, time for lunch here

  343. Zash

    ThibG: The SRV target is not used for certificate validation.

  344. ThibG

    I have no idea what the issue is, then

  345. ThibG

    sitedethib.com and warp.sitedethib.com happen to have the same A RRs

  346. Zash


  347. Zash

    https://q.zash.se/269bfe745c2f.txt there's no response

  348. ThibG

    wait. what

  349. ThibG

    it resolves just fine here

  350. ThibG

    oh sorry

  351. ThibG

    I made a mistake when changing back the RRs

  352. ThibG

    should be better now

  353. Zash

    If the bare domain and the default port works then you don't strictly need SRV records at all

  354. ThibG


  355. ThibG

    it was just in case I switch to having different machines for my services

  356. ThibG

    (which was actually the case some time ago)

  357. ThibG

    I could get rid of the SRV RRs, but still, I don't understand what's going on

  358. info-screen has joined

  359. stpeter

    ThibG: I notice when typing `telnet warp.sitedethib.com 5269` that IPv6 was attempted first, but timed out. However, I'm pretty sure that the xmpp.net code has a fallback to IPv4 if IPv6 times out.

  360. ThibG


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  362. ThibG

    unfortunately, I only have my server with IPv6 connectivity, and it obviously connects just fine to itself

  363. ThibG

    sitedethib.com has the same IPv6 address too

  364. ileh has left

  365. ThibG

    anyway, I guess it doesn't fail at TCP level, but at TLS level, as it successfuly displays my server's version

  366. Link Mauve

    stpeter, from here it works.

  367. Link Mauve

    Maybe some pairing issue?

  368. Link Mauve

    From both my home server (in Paris) and my company’s servers (in the UK).

  369. stpeter

    Yeah it could be an ISP issue for me.

  370. ivucica has joined

  371. ThibG

    huh, should have changed the RRs' TTL beforehand…

  372. stpeter

    Let me check from the machine where xmpp.net is running. ;-)

  373. ThibG

    stpeter, thanks!

  374. stpeter

    connected to IPv6 very quickly

  375. stpeter

    both with and without `warp.`

  376. stpeter

    so that's not the issue

  377. ThibG

    my only bet is that it somehow checks the certificate against warp.sitedethib.com instead of sitedethib.com

  378. stpeter

    No, the XMPP specs have always been clear on the fact that you don't check against the SRV pointer.

  379. ThibG

    yeah, that's what I understand too, but I have no idea why xmpp.net kept failing with my SRV pointing to warp.sitedethib.com, and works now that it is pointing to sitedethib.com

  380. stpeter

    In fact, Thijs and I (proprietors of xmpp.net) co-wrote the RFC on TLS checking in XMPP. ;-) https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/rfc7590/

  381. ThibG

    (should be pointing back to warp.sitedethib.com, now, but alas the TTL is huge)

  382. stpeter

    let me see if I can find any logs on the machine that will provide some more information

  383. Zash

    ThibG: I believe it fetches the server version through jabber.org, not by itself.

  384. Zash

    So, it being able to display that has no relation to its ability to connect to your server

  385. stpeter

    Zash: really? that doesn't sound familiar

  386. ThibG

    Zash, oh, ok, I think I did see an incoming s2s connection from jabber.org at that time

  387. Zash

    stpeter: My memory says that it at least does a ping via a jabber.org account first

  388. stpeter

    Zash: OK I will check the code for that, too

  389. stpeter

    huh yeah imobservatory@jabber.org

  390. stpeter

    I'd forgotten about that, I guess.

  391. stpeter

    so now I log into the jabber.org machine and see what the logs there have to say in the matter :-)

  392. ThibG


  393. stpeter

    I see things like this: TLS conn IP=2001:910:1369:ffff::1 version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 secret-bits=256 processed-bits=256 compression="(None)" preliminary certificate verification failed

  394. stpeter

    the last one of those was 40 minutes ago

  395. ThibG

    hm, last failed xmpp.net test should be much older

  396. ThibG

    I can retry a test, but I guess my working SRV RRs will still be in cache

  397. ThibG

    nope, it's ok, the test is running against warp.sitedethib.com now

  398. ivucica has joined

  399. stpeter

    ThibG: this was on jabber.org, not xmpp.net

  400. Zash

    stpeter: I don't see any explicit IPv6 support, so what exactly it connects with depends on the LuaSocket version.

  401. stpeter

    Zash: aha, interesting

  402. ThibG

    https://xmpp.net/result.php?domain=sitedethib.com&type=server fails again

  403. stpeter


  404. Zash

    This thing where network libraries never do nice things like handle dualstack for you, such disappoint.

  405. Yonnji has left

  406. ThibG


  407. ThibG


  408. stpeter

    https://xmpp.net/result.php?domain=sitedethib.com&type=client is fine, though (other than that whole certificate thing).

  409. ThibG

    still uses the old SRV

  410. ThibG

    (sitedethib.com instead of warp.sitedethib.com)

  411. ThibG

    re-running it, it fails the same way

  412. stpeter


  413. stpeter


  414. stpeter


  415. stpeter


  416. stpeter

    both perseus (xmpp.net machine) and hermes2 (jabber.org machine) show warp in the SRV results

  417. ThibG

    I guess I could regenerate a certificate with an additionnal warp.sitedethib.com subjectAltName to test my theory…

  418. Zash

    ThibG: How is the certificate going to affect it not being able to connect *at all*, or what problem is it you are trying to debug?

  419. ThibG

    Zash, I have no idea what the problem is

  420. Zash

    Then how do you even know that there is a problem?

  421. ThibG

    it should be able to connect regardless of whether the SRV is warp.sitedethib.com or sitedethib.com

  422. ThibG

    when the SRV points to warp, it fails to connect, when it points to sitedethib.com, it doens't

  423. ThibG

    but those have the same A/AAAA

  424. Zash

    Based on " Error: Connection failed. " happening with the IPv6 only jabber.org SRV target, and my knowledge that the XMPP library it uses does not support IPv6, I'm going to theorize that the problem is missing IPv6 support.

  425. ThibG

    still, both warp.sitedethib.com and sitedethib.com have the same AAAA RR

  426. jww has joined

  427. stpeter nods to Zash

  428. stpeter

    I need to go heads-down on a task, bbiab.

  429. ThibG

    let me try something else

  430. Zash

    I'm guessing it ends up relying on the OS-es DNS lookup, which I've noticed sometimes returns an error code that becomes a fatal error

  431. ThibG


  432. ThibG

    I'll add yet another sub-domain with only A RRs and make the SRV point to it, then

  433. ThibG

    ah, I did not see the jabber.org test eventually succeeding

  434. stpeter

    ThibG: yeah the tests can take quite a while - there is a lot to check and the script needs to back off sometimes so that it doesn't get disconnected for too many attempts (etc.)

  435. stpeter

    anyway bbiab :-)

  436. ThibG

    see you, and thanks for your help _o/

  437. ThibG

    I wonder if I should split the SRVs into two sub-domains, one with only A RRs, then

  438. Zash

    Shouldn't be required

  439. ThibG

    or just accept that xmpp.net may not be able to connect to my server :/

  440. Zash

    W: connect() to warp2.sitedethib.com.:5222 failed: Operation already in progress

  441. Zash

    That error

  442. ThibG

    It's the subdomain I just added to try with only A RRs

  443. Zash

    I mean, that's likely the real error it gets when it says "Error: Connection failed"

  444. Zash

    I don't really know why, but it seems to happen sometimes when there's more than one IP address associated with a name.

  445. ThibG

    hm… I've tried a bunch of times, though, and it *always* failed

  446. ThibG

    oh ok

  447. Zash

    EALREADY The socket is nonblocking and a previous connection attempt has not yet been completed.

  448. ThibG

    luasocket bug?

  449. Zash

    I don't know.

  450. ThibG

    ok, well, thanks anyway

  451. ThibG

    at least I now know it's TCP-IP related and not cert-related as I initially thought

  452. Zash

    Low-level socket fiddlery isn't my area of expertise.

  453. Zash


  454. edhelas has left

  455. ThibG

    ok, that's it, thanks!

  456. ThibG

    I'll just drop the DNS round-robin thing, it's a hack with little value

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