XMPP Service Operators - 2017-09-30

  1. mathieui

    also I’ve got a twit to register_dnsbl for prosody that prevents registration from IPs in the RBL

  2. mathieui

    except for one tiny thing

  3. mathieui

    it appears to not work with libevent

  4. mathieui


  5. mathieui

    (so it tests perfectly locally, but fails when I deploy it)

  6. mathieui

    (if anyone with more lua-fu could help, that would be perfect)

  7. jabber25

    Hello guys

  8. MattJ

    Hi jabber25

  9. jabber25

    I want friends here

  10. MattJ

    mathieui, worst would be that Prosody blocks for 15s (DNS timeout)

  11. MattJ

    oops, wrong window

  12. jabber25

    Which windows is right?

  13. jabber25


  14. jabber25


  15. MattJ

    jabber25, the one where mathieui asked me a question

  16. jabber25

    I don't know the window name

  17. jabber25