XMPP Service Operators - 2017-10-25

  1. edhelas

    hi everyone, I'm currently cleaning up accounts on my service that are using OtomaX https://software-otomax.com/setting-jabber-di-otomax.html

  2. edhelas

    already heard of that ?

  3. uc

    All your MAM are belong to us!

  4. edhelas


  5. Ge0rG

    edhelas: I've got some accounts on my server with thousands of messages a day. Any ideas on what exactly that software is?

  6. nk

    Hi all! A quick question. Does ejabberd actually need to have 5 different hostnames for services like mod_irc [irc.] mod_echo [echo.] mod_pubsub [pubsub.] mod_muc [conference.] and mod_http_upload [upload.] or can they all just be the same as the hostname if correctly specified with a "host:" directive in their respective sections in ejabberd.yml?

  7. mimi89999


  8. mimi89999

    MUC can't.

  9. nk

    I'm using http uploads with the host directive the same as the hostname and it works

  10. mimi89999

    Yes. Some can be on the same and some can't.

  11. nk

    mimi89999: ok, right, MUCs makes sense. All the other 4 though? No problem that I can think of.

  12. nk

    It seems to me like the old imap/smtp distinction that is only true for big providers and is absolutely not the case for self hosters

  13. nk

    As self hosters almost always have the same server providing all services

  14. mimi89999

    IRC can't.

  15. mimi89999

    Pubsub can.

  16. Zash

    A physical server can have many names. And it can have different XMPP names.

  17. nk

    Right, but since I'm working on this automation project, I'd like to reduce to a minimum the number of DNS records people have to set

  18. nk

    Ok, so for now uploads and pubsub I've taken off the list. IRC and MUC must be different. How about echo?