XMPP Service Operators - 2017-11-01

  1. edhelas

    after OtomaX, looks like VRE resources are also using open servers to do money exchange over XMPP

  2. edhelas

    this creates a lot of s2s connections and traffic

  3. edhelas

    also spam starts to be published on Pubsub/PEP nodes

  4. Holger


  5. edhelas

    Holger ?

  6. edhelas

    Holger that's why I'd like to see if we could simply block a list of resources to connect

  7. Holger

    You have spam on movim.eu nodes?

  8. edhelas

    like everyone here

  9. edhelas

    I don't consider them as spam

  10. edhelas

    for the money transfer thing

  11. edhelas

    but I'm not allowing them on my server

  12. Holger

    Everyon has PubSub spam?

  13. edhelas

    ah you're talking about Pubsub

  14. edhelas

    no, I just saw a few of them in microblog nodes

  15. edhelas

    on xmpp.jp accounts

  16. Holger