XMPP Service Operators - 2017-11-04

  1. Maranda


  2. Maranda

    with xmpp.org's server implosion so did implode the list of public services?

  3. sam

    I don't think the xmpp.org list was kept up to date anyways, it's probably for the best that it was lost

  4. sam

    *if it was lost

  5. Maranda

    xmpp.net was I think

  6. Zash

    I think stpeter had that list on github

  7. Zash


  8. Maranda


  9. Maranda

    just checked

  10. Maranda

    never mind

  11. Maranda

    I'm blind

  12. Maranda

    vcards directory looked empty :/

  13. Zash

    Too large to render?

  14. Maranda

    Nope, just me being dumb that's all.

  15. Maranda

    Nothing new.

  16. Maranda


  17. Zash

    The amount of manual work to people keeping track of PRs in that wasn't optimal tho

  18. Maranda

    hmmm swiftim blocks messages from people outside my contact list :O

  19. Maranda

    lol I can't find the setting to turn it on or off...

  20. Zash

    What makes you think that it's Swift doing it?

  21. Maranda

    I get it from Gajim

  22. Zash

    Not just presence priorities?

  23. Maranda

    hmm no there's just me connected and anyways I have carbons

  24. Maranda

    it doesn't even show in the debug console

  25. Maranda


  26. Maranda

    privacy lists are clean...

  27. Maranda


  28. Maranda

    Martin, btw Gajim seems to do something weird with mam:2, it *seems* to send requests but checks out for support with the wrong namespace. If I'm not mistaken.

  29. Martin

    Maranda, also in gajim nightly?

  30. Maranda

    Martin, I'm using the nightly

  31. Martin

    hmm, ok you should better report this to lovetox

  32. Maranda

    I went in server info and it shows the server doesn't support MAM, but it's advertised in features also because of that it doesn't let me set prefs.

  33. Zash

    Not like, checking support on the host instead of the account?

  34. Maranda

    Hm. *nom nom*

  35. Maranda

    Zash, and it's really swift-im blocking messages

  36. Zash

    I'm not aware of such a feature

  37. Maranda

    I had someone outside my contacts roster help me test that, excluding it could be some server quirk.

  38. Maranda

    hmm and I think I always missed the "determining support part" beyond 0.1

  39. Maranda