XMPP Service Operators - 2017-11-05

  1. Link Mauve

    “19:35:47 Maranda> hmm no there's just me connected and anyways I have carbons”, Swift doesn’t do Carbons in a released version.

  2. Maranda

    Link Mauve, that doesn't matter

  3. Maranda

    Link Mauve, I was only connected with SwiftIM

  4. Maranda

    Link Mauve, and it seems it doesn't receive messages from people not on your contact list as long as you don't "start a chat" with 'em by design.

  5. Marzanna

    Hello. Some users complain that they can't join chat on my server. Can you test please? xmpp:test@conference.moemoekyun.moe?join

  6. Maranda

    !ping conference.moemoekyun.moe

  7. Maranda

    *eyes Bunneh*

  8. Martin

    -ping conference.moemoekyun.moe

  9. Bunneh

    Martin: Pong from conference.moemoekyun.moe in 2.628 seconds

  10. Martin

    Maranda ^

  11. Maranda


  12. Maranda

    Martin lol it's literally years did forget the right prefix :P

  13. Marzanna

    Thank you

  14. Maranda

    -ping lightwitch.org

  15. Bunneh

    Maranda: Pong from lightwitch.org in 3.953 seconds