XMPP Service Operators - 2017-11-20

  1. seantodd

    Good afternoon (From the UK)!

  2. seantodd

    Does anybody here run their XMPP server just for private/for-friends use, or do most of you run your servers as part of a job/business?

  3. Ge0rG

    seantodd: I'm running a private server for f&f, and a public IBR server

  4. mike

    seantodd: jabberzac.org was originally just a small group of friends, mainly just to host one conference. It's public now.

  5. mimi89999

    Me only a private one on my pi

  6. seantodd

    Ah, cool. For f&f, how do you manage your registrations? Do you have a dedicated portal for them to use, or do you do the setup manually?

  7. mike

    I set up chinwag.im as an example for a tutorial and now it's also a public server. People keep using it so I'll keep it running.

  8. mimi89999

    I have mod register web behind apache password

  9. andrey.utkin

    seantodd, I also run my server not as a job affair. I handle rare registrations manually.

  10. seantodd

    Oh damn. Mike, your tutorial was actually really useful for when I was starting up. Glad I can finally say thanks in person.

  11. mike

    When it was restricted I just never told anyone about it, left rego open for convenience, and deleted accounts when someone found it. If course, that was in 2010 and you'd never get away with that now ... 😀

  12. seantodd

    Yeah, I accidentally left it enabled for a while. manual cleanup was.... involved.

  13. mike

    Oh thanks! I have a ton of updates to add to that at some point but time is hard to come by.

  14. mike

    mimi89999 has a good solution. Simple shared password you can hide a rego page behind. Change it often, your friends only need it once ideally.

  15. mimi89999

    mike: I never changed it.

  16. mimi89999

    Never go it leaked to get bad registrations...

  17. mike

    But if you ever did change it wouldn't inconvenience anyone anyway.

  18. mimi89999


  19. seantodd

    Nice. I have mod_register with a captcha currently in use, but the apache password is a great idea!

  20. mimi89999

    Unless a friend wants to directly invite another.

  21. seantodd

    Do you get new registrant alerts via XMPP or is there an out-of-band method you use for that?

  22. mimi89999

    I am using that to protect against bots registering SPAM accounts. The password doesn't have to be that secret...

  23. mimi89999

    seantodd: I get a notification over XMPP

  24. Ge0rG

    seantodd: I would suggest disabling in-band-registration and either manually adding your friends or having something like prosody's mod_register_web where you send authorized links

  25. seantodd

    Ge0rG: I only had it enabled a while back. i learned from that mistake real quick. :D