XMPP Service Operators - 2017-11-30

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  110. edhelas spam spam spamm
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  115. ThurahT yeah, my jabber.org account is set to deny all but contacts in roster now. It has really picked up the last two weeks.
  116. ThurahT never knew there were so many servers out there. Or at least domains.
  117. Ge0rG ThurahT: hard to find new contacts this way, though
  118. mrDoctorWho I thought the jabber spam era has ended years ago
  119. Ge0rG mrDoctorWho: there is a new spam era now
  120. mrDoctorWho I wonder what they're trying to achieve
  121. Ge0rG run by a bunch of Russian spammers, advertising for illegal services, credit card dumps and drugs
  122. mrDoctorWho Oh, yes indeed, now I remember
  123. mrDoctorWho I had a jid on jabber.ru and I was receiving such spam too
  124. ThurahT Ge0rG: I got movim for that : )
  125. Ge0rG just in: message from user763@pvpctutorials.de/nfWTmyU, body contains "Качественная рассылка по jabber // jabber advertising // https://pastebin.com/raw/hHmFT5Xh"
  126. edhelas ThurahT Movim is not spamming, we are just mining BTC and transfering them directly to our wallet :)
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  128. ThurahT I approve
  129. mrDoctorWho Back in the days, when spam usually didn't come out of chatrooms, most of them had their ban lists full of servers with open registration
  130. ThurahT : )
  131. Ge0rG send a jabber message to 250k contacts for only 20$ in BTC
  132. Ge0rG or two-hours XMPP flood for only 10$
  133. edhelas I'm wondering if we could define together rules to allow S2S
  134. Ge0rG I really need a way to inject subscription-rejections based on that
  135. Ge0rG MattJ: please? :D
  136. edhelas because a bunch of those servers doesn't seems legit by just having a look at the domain
  137. Ge0rG edhelas: I'm pretty sure those are just semi-abandoned IBR servers.
  138. edhelas not sure
  139. Ge0rG spam from='helpdesk@freiebaptisten.de/312425043290271873351426'. What. The. Fun.
  140. edhelas they maybe have a script to create domains on the fly, put a letsencrypt certificate and boom
  141. Ge0rG edhelas: yeah sure.
  142. Ge0rG or they just spam IBR domains.
  143. edhelas you have a fully legit XMPP server
  144. edhelas I think that IBR should be deprecated
  145. Ge0rG edhelas: let's just deprecate XMPP altogether. We don't need new users, and neither existing ones
  146. edhelas true
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  148. Ge0rG the problem isn't IBR, the problem is unlimited IBR and abandoned servers
  149. Ge0rG from='lessie@paranoid.scarab.name/7PC0mmOf'
  150. mrDoctorWho edhelas: such spam would be non-profitable
  151. Ge0rG also dumb default configurations
  152. Ge0rG from='redirect485@xjabber.org/KwdwovgL' from='info847@legalize.li/2fo6m' from='user173@jabber.tanjeff.net/lXqCN9'
  153. mrDoctorWho Such interesting names
  154. Ge0rG If only the XSF had a spam fighting taskforce.
  155. Ge0rG Then I could write it down once and not repeat myself every week.
  156. mrDoctorWho There is project Providence, but it it's seems abandoned and I don't think it even works
  157. edhelas I'm afraid of spam on pubsub as well
  158. edhelas I'll restrict publication on my pubsub services from my own xmpp accounts only if it appears
  159. Ge0rG Agenda items: 1) disable IBR by default, make sure that private servers have better means, and that for public servers there are appropriate limits in place 2) create automated ways to notify admins of abuse on their servers 3) implement server-side modules that track a remote domain's reputation, maybe even with an export/import feature to share insights with friends. Use that to block old unmaintained IBR servers
  160. Ge0rG from='dollar345@sweetway.info/rzXaiIQ'
  161. mrDoctorWho Ge0rG: the #3 sounds centralized
  162. Ge0rG mrDoctorWho: federated, not centralized.
  163. Ge0rG mrDoctorWho: like, I trust the admins of xmpp.org and of conversations.im, so I can share my stats with them
  164. mrDoctorWho Hmm, makes sense
  165. Ge0rG from='paliyvadim@simple-systems.ru/3418065207151241907771167'
  166. Ge0rG From that last domain, I had ten different accounts contact yax.im users in the last 10 days
  167. zuglufttier I kind of like the idea of a federated blacklist but the whole "web of trust" idea does not really work...
  168. Ge0rG zuglufttier: I think it depends on the abstraction level
  169. Ge0rG zuglufttier: have a look at email spam RBLs
  170. zuglufttier Still, how do I get off that blacklist?
  171. edhelas create a new random domain
  172. zuglufttier That's what a spammer would do ;)
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  248. Holger gmail.com immediately responds to my server's stream header with <not-authorized/>. Are they finally closing down s2s?
  249. Zash Yes!
  250. Holger So others noticed this already? Or is there even some public info?
  251. Zash Yesterday(?) in the prosody room
  252. Holger Ah, thanks.
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