XMPP Service Operators - 2017-12-19

  1. Martin

    > xmpp.net --> "It's too busy try again laters" Didn't even know it's back

  2. Martin

    Maranda: just use check.messaging.one

  3. SouL

    Holger: what would be the use of Luerl? I can't see the point of most of these things but I'm interested to know.

  4. Ge0rG

    SouL: integrating prosody's mod_firewall into Ejabberd.

  5. mrDoctorWho

    having lua scripts instead of erlang would be nice

  6. Holger

    SouL: Well as I said ejabberd currently used it to import Prosody data (which is Lua data structures).

  7. Holger

    SouL: Other yes, what mrDoctorWho said. An easy/lightweight scripting language to let users interact with your application is the classic use case of Lua.

  8. mrDoctorWho

    yay let's get rid of that horrible erlang

  9. Holger

    *But yes

  10. Holger kicks mrDoctorWho.

  11. mrDoctorWho

    no offence :)

  12. Holger

    Neither from me :-)

  13. mrDoctorWho

    none taken

  14. mrDoctorWho

    then we do what, python? Is there a pyerl? And then java!

  15. Holger

    I think offering an API to write Lua modules for ejabberd would not be completely unreasonable. I'm pretty sure that would get us more contributed modules.

  16. Holger

    Certianly more reasonable than Python and Java :-)

  17. Holger

    Though Java bindings are offered by the core Erlang VM :-)

  18. mrDoctorWho

    never heard of that

  19. Holger


  20. mrDoctorWho

    thanks, but I found that in google arleady

  21. SouL

    Ge0rG, integrating means using it directly instead of rewriting that same concept in Erlang? I quite don't understand then. I have no idea about mod_firewall, but Prosody and Ejabberd are two different projects, I don't see how the module could fit.

  22. Ge0rG

    SouL: I think the idea was rather sarcastic.

  23. SouL

    Oh yeah, being you and talking about it, makea sense... I'm not in good shape today

  24. SouL


  25. Ge0rG

    SouL: it wasn't even my idea, I think

  26. 404.city

    Holger: yes. Ejabberd api lua good

  27. Holger


  28. Maranda

    -contact cloak.dk

  29. 404.city