XMPP Service Operators - 2018-01-12

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  65. advisory I'm getting desperately to the point where I am to bring down these three fucking people anyone want to help me out give their email addresses names and just about everything I have on them including their IP address supposed to be my employer in your fucking me on a 7100 reimbursement
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  129. edhelas got a wave of spam from swissjabber.org
  130. Ge0rG I get spam from silvershop.shop today.
  131. SouL What do they sell? Silver?
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  137. Ge0rG Apparently some kind of Apache2 Debian Default Page
  138. Ge0rG Ah, now there is one from username7123@swissjabber.de
  139. edhelas sj.ms
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  146. mrDoctorWho edhelas: is that a spam report?
  147. mrDoctorWho I have contacts with sj.ms administration
  148. mrDoctorWho Probably I can do something about it
  149. Ge0rG mrDoctorWho: I have 2900 JIDs on @sj.ms that sent spam to yax.im.
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  152. mrDoctorWho Ge0rG: could you paste them somewhere please?
  153. mrDoctorWho > Apparently some kind of Apache2 Debian Default Page Is it any good? Worth buying?
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  173. Maranda I blocked incoming s2s from swissjabber.ch from an eon
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  176. Ge0rG One day, you'll end up being able to talk with yourself only
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  182. Maranda That's not a bad thing
  183. Ge0rG No, but you don't need XMPP for that.
  184. Maranda Expecially if everything that comes from a server is only russian spam shit.
  185. Ge0rG russian spam shits comes from many servers.
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  187. Maranda One of those is swissjabber.ch
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  189. Holger I think the jabber.at guys contacted them and swissjabber was responsive but somewhat reluctant to actually take any action.
  190. Ge0rG Maranda: would you sign the Anti-Spam Manifesto? https://gist.github.com/ge0rg/2e4accf6950821ca45f743fdf587c08e
  191. Maranda I think I'll first or laters code a module that on incoming s2s checks if the remote server has IBR enabled and if so bans it.
  192. Maranda 🏋️‍♂️
  193. Maranda Ge0rG gimme a pen.
  194. mathieui edhelas, reminder to sign ^
  195. Maranda Ge0rG, more than xep-157 they should support xep-268
  196. Ge0rG Maranda: "Deferred". Is there any impl?
  197. Maranda Even because you can get contact information from other sources
  198. Ge0rG Maranda: is there tooling for 268?
  199. Maranda Yes metronome supports it, and there should be a plugin for prosody but i didn't update it after I switched so I have no idea if it's broken or not
  200. Zash That one always strikes me as insane overkill for most things
  201. Zash To the point where I'd have no idea how to express "I got spam" in it
  202. Maranda You just write it
  203. Maranda (in the adhoc cmd form)
  204. Zash The spec, IODEF
  205. Link Mauve mathieui, did we sign it?
  206. mathieui Link Mauve, no, as you see, only Ge0rG signed it
  207. Maranda That's covered by the server you dont need to deal with iodef
  208. mathieui but we will
  209. Link Mauve We still need to do something for point 3.
  210. Maranda But anyways food
  211. Link Mauve I suggest upgrading to trunk.
  212. Maranda And you dont need to implement all of the iodef set either iirc (I didn't) just what's useful to you
  213. Link Mauve Maranda, otherwise, we will never disable IBR until there is a standard and credible alternative.
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  215. Holger Same here :-)
  216. Maranda As long as I don't get spam from you, I couldn't care less upto you, otherwise just be aware that whenever I do I'll (figurately) cut you to pieces 😈🤣
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  231. nuron hey there, is here anyone who is german or understand german? If not pleas excuse my bad englisch...
  232. nuron I wanted to setup my own prosody Server. It looks good so far, but when I try to connect with the server there where an error with the xep-0198 Stream Management... Can someone help me?
  233. nuron <!-- Out Fr 12 Jan 2018 16:29:44 CET --> <?xml version='1.0'?> <stream:stream xmlns="jabber:client" to="<domain>" version="1.0" xmlns:stream="http://etherx.jabber.org/streams" xml:lang="de" > <!-- In Fr 12 Jan 2018 16:29:44 CET --> <?xml version='1.0'?> <stream:stream xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' xml:lang='en' from='<domain>' id='fe7c8f97-3a3b-471e-abb1-e13a9c70b3e5' version='1.0' xmlns='jabber:client'> <stream:error> <undefined-condition xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'/> <text xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'>No stream features to proceed with</text> </stream:error> </stream:stream> that is the error...
  234. Zash Is that before TLS?
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  236. nuron What do you mean? TLS is aktivatet on the server...
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  238. Martin Zash: it's non standard ports due to install in userspace on the shared hoster you like so much. 😃
  239. Zash nuron: How?
  240. nuron Oh jes, I forgot to say... I'm running prosody on uberspace.de
  241. nuron I have an certificate from letsencrypt...
  242. nuron Or what do you mean?
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  245. Zash nuron: That error is unrelated to stream management. It can either happen because TLS is misconfigured and can't be enabled, or because authentication is misconfigured.
  246. nuron I think the password should be right.. And how can I misconfigure TLS?
  247. Zash nuron: Thing is, it's not possible to tell from the XML log at what point in the connection process it is.
  248. nuron Okay
  249. zuglufttier nuron, disable TLS in the client altogether.
  250. zuglufttier Or the server.
  251. nuron how can i do that in gajim? i only found a box where i can tick when i will be warned, if the connection is witouht tls
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  253. Zash Look at server debug logs too
  254. nuron hmm on the server i can do it in the config?
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  256. zuglufttier https://prosody.im/doc/logging
  257. nuron ohhh.. thats embarrassing... in the path to the tls certificate is an error... just wait a second please
  258. zuglufttier If you know where the log files are located, do: tail -f prosody.log The try to connect and look a the output.
  259. zuglufttier If you know where the log files are located, do: tail -f prosody.log The try to connect and look at the output.
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  265. nuron *shame on me*
  266. nuron with the new certificate i can log in
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  269. nuron The only error: when I try to login with gajim there is an error that the certificate could not checked...
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  271. nuron verified*
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  273. Zash Got 0.10? Try `prosodyctl check certs`
  274. Zash Make sure you configure Prosody to use whatever your LE client calls the file with the full chain of certificates in it
  275. Zash Apparently they all had to pick different names
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  277. Martin Iberspace uses certbot I think. It's called fullchain.pem
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  279. nuron Checking certificates... Checking certificate for upload.xxx Certificate: /home/xxx/var/prosody/ssl/cert.pem Not valid for server-to-server connections to upload.famkibo.eu. Checking certificate for muc.xxx Certificate: /home/xxx/var/prosody/ssl/cert.pem Not valid for server-to-server connections to muc.famkibo.eu. Checking certificate for xxx Certificate: /home/xxx/var/prosody/ssl/cert.pem For more information about certificates please see http://prosody.im/doc/certificates Problems found, see above.
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  281. nuron i will renew the certificates for muc. and upload. ...
  282. Ge0rG upload.xxx - is that NSFW?
  283. nuron under the xxx is my domain :P
  284. Link Mauve You mean famkibo.eu? :p
  285. nuron äääääääääää
  286. nuron ups
  287. Link Mauve :D
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  289. nuron jes
  290. Ge0rG You can't hide from us! :P
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  292. Ge0rG But I'd love to have an XMPP service at upload.xxx
  293. nuron haha :P
  294. Zash .xxx was pretty expensive iirc
  295. mathieui maybe we could buy a .xmpp TLD
  296. Ge0rG mathieui: that's even more expensive. And it feels wrong
  297. nuron 😂
  298. Ge0rG Yes! upload.xxx is available, get it now before it's too late! Only £99.99
  299. mathieui jabber.mathieui.xmpp
  300. Link Mauve Only!
  301. Link Mauve mathieui, im.jabberfr.xmpp
  302. Zash xmpp.xmpp.xmpp
  303. Ge0rG xmpp.jabberfr.jabber
  304. nuron xxx.xxx.xxx 😅
  305. Link Mauve xxx.xxx does exist, and as expected it’s nsfw.
  306. mathieui surprising
  307. Link Mauve And redirects to http://www.xxx.xxx/
  308. mathieui :D
  309. Link Mauve A pretty nice domain in itself.
  310. nuron https://uploads.trashserver.net/upload/CmGWI1Tv375_Aa_G/1NKUS89NSlqk1M8jlj8CbA.jpg
  311. nuron 👌
  312. Link Mauve Oh, it’s even the domain the tld redirects to.
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  321. nuron hmm i have again a question... when an user from an other server tries to start a conversation with me this person get an errormessage: server-to-server connection failed: DNS resolution failed
  322. Ge0rG nuron: the host in your SRV record may not be an IP address or a CNAME. Change it to the DNS name of your server instead.
  323. Ge0rG nuron: while you are at it, also change the client SRV
  324. nuron Okay
  325. nuron Client srv?
  326. Ge0rG nuron: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRV_Resource_Record#Aufbau
  327. Ge0rG nuron: _xmpp-client._tcp.<yourdomain>
  328. nuron Jes, of course
  329. nuron i've changed it. i'll see whats happens next ;)
  330. nuron but there is again a problem... my client (Conversations, Gajim) loses connection every minute
  331. Ge0rG nuron: does your prosody also listen on your ipv6 address?
  332. Ge0rG There is probably some other problem as well, but I can't help you right now, gotta go.
  333. nuron Hmm don't know... Is ipv6 better?
  334. Ge0rG I'm getting a "connection timeout" from my prosody instance after connecting via ipv6 and sending the stream header.
  335. nuron But the srv is set to the ipv4
  336. Ge0rG looks like there is no prosody listening on the other end
  337. Ge0rG nuron: the SRV is now set to the hostname.
  338. Ge0rG and the hostname is both IPv4 and v6
  339. nuron Hmm okay, you're right
  340. nuron I've took the hostname from uberspace.de it should work, right? srv is set to serpens.uberspace.de
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  342. Martin nuron, no
  343. nuron Why?
  344. Martin it's <yournick>.serpens.uberspace.de
  345. nuron But only for ipv6?!
  346. Martin if you are on U6. U7 its <yournick>.uber.space
  347. Martin nuron, serpens is the server so serpens.uberspace.de is not your domain as every user on this server gets <yournick>.serpens.uberspace.de
  348. Martin that's my assumption
  349. nuron okay, i will change it
  350. Martin and my experience with my uberspace
  351. nuron Okay, now it is changed...
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  353. Martin I don't know how it work's when you manage your domain yourself as mine is managed by uberspace, but I also had to add my domain
  354. Martin uberspace-add-domain -d search.skt4odto3ycrngsv.onion -w
  355. Martin ^ example
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  361. nuron I have added every single domain to the uberspace...
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  364. nuron <!-- Out Fr 12 Jan 2018 19:52:19 CET --> <!-- Out Fr 12 Jan 2018 19:52:29 CET --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" to="famkibo.eu" type="get" id="68743c9e-e466-4434-be64-bf8de6a6551c"> <ping xmlns="urn:xmpp:ping" /> </iq> <!-- In Fr 12 Jan 2018 19:52:29 CET --> <iq id='68743c9e-e466-4434-be64-bf8de6a6551c' type='error' from='famkibo.eu'> <error type='cancel'> <service-unavailable xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/> </error> </iq> What does this mean?
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  366. Zash nuron: mod_ping probably not enabled
  367. nuron It should be enabled...
  368. nuron It is listed in the cibfig file
  369. nuron Config
  370. nuron Can I change the config file and restart prosody easily or will I get some trouble then?
  371. nuron Jan 12 20:07:36 mod_s2s warn Forbidding insecure connection to/from trashserver.net Jan 12 20:07:36 s2sout21fba60 info Outgoing s2s stream famkibo.eu->trashserver.net closed: stream closed Jan 12 20:07:36 s2sout21fba60 info Sending error replies for 1 queued stanzas because of failed outgoing connection to trashserver.net Jan 12 20:07:36 s2sout21fba60 info Session closed by remote with error: not-authorized (Your server's certificate is invalid, expired, or not trusted by trashserver.net)
  372. nuron And another point: I can not wright to other servers an in the log file I found this for example:
  373. Zash Enable debug logs
  374. nuron okay
  375. nuron just a second
  376. Zash Error from remote probably means your certificate is wrong, somehow.
  377. nuron hmmm so i should renew it?
  378. Zash And "Forbidding insecure connection" might either be something wrong with their cert, or with your ssl config
  379. Zash Both are basically the same issue, from either end.
  380. nuron my ssl config means the part of the prosody config ?
  381. nuron i think the cert from the other server is okay, because i get this error with every server...
  382. nuron i will reinstall the certs...
  383. Zash Debug logs ought to say more
  384. Zash Could be that Prosody doesn't find the root certs
  385. nuron hmmm have i to choose the cert.pem or the fullchain.pem as cert?
  386. Zash fullchain.pem
  387. nuron maybe that is the error.. i have choosen the cert.pem...
  388. nuron Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for upload.famkibo.eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for upload.famkibo.eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for famkibo.eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for famkibo.eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for upload.famkibo.eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for upload.famkibo.eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for famkibo.eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for famkibo.eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for upload.famkibo.eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for upload.famkibo.eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for famkibo.eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for famkibo.eu Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug Searching /home/famkibo/.toast/armed/etc/prosody/certs for a key and certificate for eu... Jan 12 20:15:34 certmanager debug No certificate/key found for eu Thats what i found in debug logs ...
  389. Zash The automatic pastebin in the prosody room sure is nice
  390. nuron ?
  391. Zash You filled my entire screen
  392. nuron should i use a pastebin?
  393. nuron ohh i'm sorry
  394. nuron next time i will use a pastebin
  395. Zash Hm, second time I see it trying to find a cert for the TLD
  396. Zash Odd
  397. nuron jes, but in a completly wrong direktory?!
  398. Zash Oh, and I'd like to preemtively blame toast for all your problems
  399. nuron and that means? what should i change?
  400. Zash Means I last I looked, toast didn't build Prosody correctly. And I didn't wanna review 8 thousand lines of perl to figure out why.
  401. nuron so i should re-toast prosody?
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  403. Zash nuron: It looks in config dir /certs/ for certificates. If you have configured filenames that would override anything it finds by searching
  404. Zash If you have certbot installed in home dir, you could set 'certificates = "/home/you/path/to/certbot/blah/live"' or something
  405. nuron Hmm okay, let me try
  406. Zash And then everything should magically just work
  407. Zash `prosodyctl check certs` to verify
  408. nuron I'll hope ;)
  409. nuron That tells me, that there are no problems...
  410. Zash It's however not yet able to check chains
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  412. nuron I can't reinstall the certs... Letsencrypt told me, that there are too many requests... So I have to wait a week 😖
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  414. nuron I don't understand... Letsencrypt told me that there were too many requests... But I've never requestet more that 20 certs...
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  419. Zash Do you need to?
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  426. nuron > Do you need to? A cert?
  427. Zash Re-request them
  428. Zash Sounded like you had them already, just not configured correctly
  429. nuron Thats what I don't understand... I've deleted them and wanted to reinstall them, but I wasnt allowed...
  430. nuron No, because I'm stupid I've deleted them
  431. Zash Not much to do then
  432. nuron I have to wait a week...
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  434. nuron Or can I get an cert otherwise? I have one free cert from my hoster... But I need a few more, right?
  435. Zash Self-signed. Other CAs. Duno.
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  439. nuron Hmm okay... Thank you for your help, I'll wait until next Friday...
  440. nuron I have to do a lot of other things..
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  451. Martin nuron: I can agree toast is b...shit. I just install stuff the common way in uberspace and everything is fine
  452. nuron Martin: how do you install prosody?
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  454. Martin Wait a minute till I have a keyboard.
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  457. Martin 1. Remove prosody install from toast 2. Pull prosody from git OR download and unzip it 3. Move to the prosody folder 4. ./configure --prefix=${HOME} 5. make 6. make install
  458. Zash from git... :/
  459. Martin 1. Remove prosody install from toast 2. Pull prosody from hg OR download and unzip it 3. Move to the prosody folder 4. ./configure --prefix=${HOME} 5. make 6. make install
  460. Martin Zash, sorry I forgot
  461. Zash `./configure;make;./prosody` should just work too
  462. Zash which is how I mostly run it for dev and stuff
  463. nuron Okay Martin, i'll try it next week...
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  465. Martin >Zash‎: `./configure;make;./prosody` should just work too When you only have userspace access I assume you'll always need ./configure --prefix=${HOME}
  466. Martin Ah, you run it directly from the build dir
  467. Martin Now I see. Sorry, forget what I said.
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