XMPP Service Operators - 2018-01-13

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  2. Neustradamus

    Do not forget that SJ... https://www.google.com/search?q=jabber+sj.ms There was a problem with the Jabber trademark ;)

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  4. Link Mauve

    “20:20:26 Zash> The automatic pastebin in the prosody room sure is nice”, could you advertise it somehow, so that clients could know it is enabled or not?

  5. Link Mauve

    Another feature that could be handy would be a way to force it to not not to paste.

  6. Link Mauve

    And maybe make it into a XEP. :)

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  64. nuron

    I've bought a new domain for xmpp so I'll try to reinstall prosody at night ;)

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  66. Martin

    nuron, you had success?

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  71. Zash

    Buying a new domain seems extreme for running into LEs rate limit

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  76. Martin

    Sorry, don't have time to talk as I have to buy a new car as the old one has no more petrol.

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  84. nuron

    > Buying a new domain seems extreme for running into LEs rate limit I wanted a new domain anyways

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  97. Martin

    nuron: does it work now

  98. nuron

    I haven't time to reinstall yet

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  248. nuron

    Hey there, i've reinstalled prosody, installed the new certs for the new domain, logged in successfully but i do not get a connection to other servers... That is what i found in the debug logs: https://haste.tchncs.de/sufuxovine.vhdl

  249. nuron

    https://haste.tchncs.de/edeliziqiv.xml Thats the log when i'm trying to send a message from trashserver.net to my server...

  250. nuron

    the logs told me that something with my cert is wrong but what exactly?

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  252. nuron

    https://haste.tchncs.de/isuforidoj.lua That are the logs with the cert. prosodyctl check certs told me that erverything is fine?! And the /home/famkibo/etc/prosody/certs is the folder, where i've coppied the certs from /home/famkibo/.config/letsencrpyt/live/shreddox.eu/ Does anyone know what the problem is?

  253. Marzanna

    nuron, do ypu have s2s_require_encryption = true in your conf?

  254. nuron


  255. Marzanna

    nuron, try to change it to false

  256. nuron

    just a second

  257. Link Mauve

    Marzanna, nah, that’s a bad suggestion.

  258. Link Mauve

    nuron, fix your certificate instead, it’s invalid.

  259. Link Mauve

    You can use `prosodyctl check` for that.

  260. nuron

    but why?? i dont understand that...

  261. nuron

    but i'll try

  262. Marzanna

    nuron, I may be wrong. s2s_secure_auth should be false, s2s_require_encryption should be true true

  263. Link Mauve

    Marzanna, again that’s unrelated, it’s the certificate they expose that is wrong, there is no issue contacting the outside world.

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  265. Marzanna

    Link Mauve, AFAIR Prodody would complain about invalid certificate or c2s connection will fail?

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  267. nuron

    hmmmmm... i think there is an error at uberspace...

  268. Link Mauve

    Marzanna, some people will click through warnings on c2s until it works. ^^'

  269. Link Mauve

    That’s why clients should forbid that.

  270. nuron


  271. Marzanna

    running XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS… FAILED But how come? https://kingant.net/check_xmpp_dns/?h=moemoekyun.moe

  272. Link Mauve

    Hmm, certificate-wise it seems correct.

  273. nuron

    IP from the dns of famkibo.serpens.uberspace.de 2001:1a50:11::5f:8f:acb1:426 2001:1a50:11:0:5f:8f:acb1:426 The second ip is from the dashboard of uberspace

  274. Link Mauve

    nuron, your server validates Let’s Encrypt correctly?

  275. nuron

    i have an cert from letsencrypt, jes

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  277. Link Mauve

    If you e.g. use wget on https://trashserver.net, does it work?

  278. Marzanna

    I have SRV records but why does this check fails?

  279. nuron

    or what du you meen?

  280. Link Mauve

    nuron, run `wget https://trashserver.net` in a terminal.

  281. nuron

    on my pc or on the server

  282. Link Mauve

    On the server of course.

  283. nuron

    and now?

  284. nuron

    i've got an index.html

  285. Link Mauve

    Ok, so it works.

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  287. nuron

    dont know what exactly you mean but its okay

  288. nuron

    >running XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS… FAILED >But how come? https://kingant.net/check_xmpp_dns/?h=moemoekyun.moe https://kingant.net/check_xmpp_dns/?h=shreddox.eu Everything looks fine

  289. Marzanna

    Oh, I probably need to add xmpps- srv records…

  290. Link Mauve

    nuron, famkibo.serpens.uberspace.de. doesn’t seem to answer on port 65342, fyi.

  291. Link Mauve

    That may be your issue.

  292. nuron

    Link Mauve https://check.messaging.one/result.php?domain=shreddox.eu&type=client

  293. Link Mauve

    nuron, here it says 61412 instead of the 65342 I received when I queried it manually.

  294. Link Mauve

    Oops, it’s server, not client.

  295. Link Mauve

    I should sleep.

  296. Link Mauve

    61412 doesn’t answer either.

  297. Link Mauve

    Check your firewall.

  298. nuron

    thats strange...

  299. nuron

    the firewall is from uberspace but the ports are open defnetly

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  307. nuron

    hmm i think the ipv6 is wrong from famkibo.serpens.uberspace.de

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  310. Link Mauve

    nuron, even in IPv4 I get a timeout.

  311. Link Mauve

    Is the IPv4

  312. nuron


  313. nuron

    but at the moment prosody dont do what i want...

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  316. nuron

    now prosody should be reachable again...

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  319. Link Mauve

    Not from here at least.

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  322. nuron

    hmm strange... one of my accounts is online, the other is not

  323. nuron

    now all of my accs are online again

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