XMPP Service Operators - 2018-01-28

  1. Maranda

    -contact safetyjabber.com

  2. Bunneh

    Maranda: safetyjabber.com doesn't have any contact addresses

  3. Maranda

    Hmm most of the actual spim attempts for me come from safetyjabber.com atm apparently.

  4. Maranda

    No contact address, site is broken.

  5. Maranda


  6. Martin

    Spim sounds awkward 😶

  7. Martin


  8. Martin

    Maranda: site works for me

  9. Maranda

    Martin, I get 502 from cloudflare

  10. Maranda

    it doesn't like IPv6?

  11. Maranda

    or traffic from swiss?

  12. Martin

    I don't know. I'm currently using a Hongkong mobile network.

  13. SouL

    Works for me too

  14. Martin

    I often get cloudfare error when using tor

  15. SouL

    Using Denmark conenction here

  16. SouL

    danish connection*

  17. Maranda

    Ipv6 is a HE Tunnel

  18. Maranda

    Not really TOR

  19. Maranda

    I have a /48 from HE dont see why I shouldnt use it