XMPP Service Operators - 2018-02-10

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  118. Martin

    edhelas: > brandy660@pixelminers.net > short163@jabber.uznam.net.pl > biznes788@12jabber.biz What's that? Spammer?

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  128. SouL

    Does anyone know about an XMPP server that allows anonymous login and is federated?

  129. Zash

    It would be the source of all spam in 5 seconds.

  130. Maranda

    SouL, I don't think by default in configuration now hosts allowing SASL Anonymous do permit s2s communication

  131. SouL

    Jappix used to be like that, but now that was shut down, I'm missing someone that provides this service.

  132. Maranda

    In server software

  133. Maranda

    No it wasn't

  134. mathieui

    SouL, anon.jeproteste.info is federated with some servers

  135. mathieui

    (specific ones)

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  137. SouL


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  139. SouL

    I don't want to bother anyone, it's just that I'm setting up a page for people to join a MUC in my server in case someone needs to get in touch with me. And I used to use Jappix for that. I guess I will have to enable anonymous login in my server then

  140. mathieui

    it’s for the best, yeah

  141. mathieui

    a specific anon service for a specific muc service

  142. Maranda

    SouL just enable an anonymous host on your server

  143. Zash

    I've noticed spammers attempting to use anon.prosody.im a number of times, so keep an eye on accessible anon hosts

  144. SouL

    Pff, I don't want to set up a subdomain for this

  145. SouL sighs

  146. Zash

    I usually just made "localhost" be an anon host when I deployed this kind of thing.

  147. Maranda

    Yes, if it's a bosh client you could really just do that

  148. Maranda

    The subdomain doesn't really need to be internet routed, you could just setup the host in Prosody or whatever

  149. Maranda

    Without setting any dns record

  150. SouL

    What would be the configuration for Prosody, then, please?

  151. SouL

    I'm not sure if I follow you, sorry.

  152. Maranda


  153. SouL

    yeah, that's what I'm doing

  154. SouL

    but that requires a subdomain 'anon', as in that example

  155. Zash

    Excuse me?

  156. Maranda

    No it doesn't

  157. Maranda

    You can name the host whatever you want to

  158. Maranda

    It doesn't need to be a routable host either

  159. Maranda

    SouL, the host needs to be routable only if intend to allow s2s traffic

  160. SouL

    Maranda, but then how do I point to the web client where to connect anonymously?

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  162. SouL

    Well, sorry, maybe this is not the correct place to talk about it. I apologise.

  163. Maranda

    Lol well you tell it... Usually you need to specify the bosh bind host url (being prosody's), the xmpp host etc

  164. Maranda

    And since the host is directly served by your server instance... 🤗

  165. Maranda

    That anonymous host then will be able to access whatever local host served by Prosody

  166. Maranda

    s/Prosody/Your Prosody/

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