XMPP Service Operators - 2018-03-01

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  117. edhelas dong3692@chatme.im
  118. Link Mauve -contact chatme.im
  119. Bunneh Link Mauve: Contact addresses for chatme.im are mailto:assistenza@chatme.im (support, security, sales, admin, feedback, abuse) xmpp:admin@chatme.im (support, security, sales, admin, feedback, abuse)
  120. Link Mauve edhelas, here.
  121. edhelas yup, contacted him ;)
  122. 404.city -contact chatme.im
  123. Bunneh 404.city: Contact addresses for chatme.im are mailto:assistenza@chatme.im (support, security, sales, admin, feedback, abuse) xmpp:admin@chatme.im (support, security, sales, admin, feedback, abuse)
  124. 404.city -contact 404.city
  125. Bunneh 404.city: Contact addresses for 404.city is xmpp:admin@404.city (abuse)
  126. edhelas -contact movim.eu
  127. Bunneh edhelas: Contact addresses for movim.eu are xmpp:edhelas@movim.eu (security, admin, abuse) xmpp:movim@conference.movim.eu?join (support, feedback)
  128. edhelas \o/
  129. 404.city -contact jabber.ru
  130. Bunneh 404.city: jabber.ru doesn't have any contact addresses
  131. 404.city -contact yax.im
  132. Bunneh 404.city: Contact addresses for yax.im are mailto:georg@yax.im (admin, abuse) xmpp:georg@yax.im (security, admin, abuse)
  133. Ge0rG trouble on my server?
  134. Ge0rG Oh, just had a bot at jonnie2718@yax.im; killed it now
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  147. 404.city Ge0rG, no
  148. 404.city I'm playing with a bot Bunneh
  149. 404.city We need to ban spammers, not their bots
  150. mathieui why not both
  151. 404.city These bastards have settled on rotten servers, where they are not banned
  152. mathieui just ban the rotten servers
  153. 404.city It is necessary both, to ban their contacts, it is more effective than banning their bots
  154. Ge0rG 404.city: I'm blocking comms to all JIDs inside the ads
  155. Ge0rG This is something that could backfire though.
  156. 404.city Ge0rG, how do you find them?
  157. Ge0rG 404.city: I log spammy messages and have a look into new schemes regularly
  158. 404.city I once complained to the server administrator's spammer. Admin was in cahoots with spammers.They arranged an attack on the server 404.
  159. Ge0rG 404.city: yeah, some servers are just operated by crazy nuts
  160. 404.city I complained about the contact of the spammer, not the bot
  161. 404.city This is the hardest hit on them. When banned spam accounts
  162. 404.city These bastards turn into telegrams. The telegram ignores abuses
  163. Ge0rG the last spam wave is run for rdpmaster@xmpp.jp by https://pastebin.com/raw/3QsfWC7T
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  165. Ge0rG > reklama@jabbim.com reklama@protonxmpp.ch reklama@ajabber.me
  166. 404.city Does anyone want to try their luck and give the abuses to the administrators of these servers?
  167. 404.city Some admins get money from spammers. They sell roster their users for pennies
  168. 404.city These bad admins send messages about abuses, directly to spammers.
  169. 404.city Ge0rG I'm ready to add to this sheet https://github.com/ge0rg/jabber-spam-fighting-manifesto , but so far, I do not have an account on github
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  173. Link Mauve Speaking of which, mathieui: https://github.com/ge0rg/jabber-spam-fighting-manifesto/pull/12
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  175. Link Mauve 404.city, you could probably give the line you want added to Ge0rG for him to add it himself, if you prefer.
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  179. 404.city Link Mauve, Team 404, 404.city (https://404.city/)
  180. 404.city Ge0rG, Team 404, 404.city (https://404.city/)
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  195. Maranda I had no more spim at all from when I implemented mod_spim_block
  196. Maranda Spim bots are just dumb bots true story
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  199. Ge0rG 404.city: I know I'm a bastard, but I insist on real names from people who want to sign something
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  204. 404.city Ge0rG, Anthony , 404.city (https://404.city/)
  205. Ge0rG 404.city: it's slowly getting better, but we aren't there yet. Do you have an imprint?
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  213. Zash -contact chatme.singles
  214. Bunneh Zash: Contact addresses for chatme.singles are mailto:assistenza@chatme.im (support, security, sales, admin, feedback, abuse) xmpp:admin@chatme.im (support, security, sales, admin, feedback, abuse)
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  216. Ge0rG singles! yay!
  217. zuglufttier Singles that want to chat!
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  221. Ge0rG what's next? chatme.roulette
  222. Zash chatme.(every domain possible)
  223. Ge0rG -contact chatme.xxx
  224. Bunneh Ge0rG: Could not reach chatme.xxx: Server-to-server connection failed: DNS resolution failed
  225. Zash untapped potential
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  227. 404.city Ge0rG, I do not have a inprint
  228. Ge0rG 404.city: would you mind publishing your full name? Or do you have some cypherpunk moniker under which you are known in the community?
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  230. 404.city Ge0rG, I receive letters with fake orders. Do you want the hackers to enter the full real name on the fake orders?)
  231. Ge0rG 404.city: I understand your problem. So what about the second part? ;)
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  242. 404.city Ge0rG, Оk. Wolf
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  255. Ge0rG 404.city: just "Wolf"? Okay.
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  257. Maranda letters with fake orders :O
  258. Zash Fake invoices and stuff?
  259. 404.city Ge0rG, Add me to this list. I support the fight against spam
  260. 404.city Zash, yes
  261. Zash Forward them to your trash bin or the police?
  262. Maranda or both
  263. Maranda oh... two usb-c ports? woot? ASUS what is this sorcery.
  264. Ge0rG 404.city: added you.
  265. 404.city Ge0rG, Ok. Thanks you
  266. Martin 404.city: >Inactive accounts are automatically deleted after 404 days Lol, and mam and uploads expire after 404 days too?
  267. Maranda MAM can't expire
  268. MattJ Yes it can
  269. Maranda It's only an illusion, sync!
  270. Maranda what about sync if it expired :P!
  271. 404.city Martin, No mam. Uploads - 2 day
  272. MattJ Maranda, I've been on XMPP since ~2003... do I really need to sync 15 years of messages when I set up my new phone? :)
  273. Maranda MattJ, of course, and watch it explode in a thousands confetti.
  274. Maranda 🤣 🤣
  275. MattJ Right. My phone is sometimes off, but never more than a few days. So MAM expiry of ~1 week seems fine to me :)
  276. Zash Yeah, our goal is to reproduce the Skype experience, right?
  277. Zash It's just not right without crashing three times while syncing on starup
  278. Maranda haha
  279. 404.city MattJ, This is a good time
  280. MattJ I'm working on client tracking in Prosody - at some point I'd like to just automatically remove messages that have already been received by all the user's active clients
  281. Maranda This is a snow time, lots of snow ®️
  282. Zash MattJ: Some marginal tho
  283. MattJ Zash, "don't delete if newer than X days"? Sure
  284. Zash Oh wait is "marginal" the swedish word?
  285. 404.city Zash, Video calls would be useful
  286. Zash 404.city: I had that, on my phone, over XMPP, years ago. But now none of that works anymore.
  287. Zash MattJ: Such that replacing eg a phone doesn't eat messages.
  288. 404.city https://conversations.im/gsoc.html
  289. 404.city Jingle encrypted A/V calling Software Project: Conversations Software URL: conversations.im Software VCS URL: github.com/siacs/Conversations Software Description Conversations is a state of the art mobile instant messaging client for Android. It provides a modern user experience and is on top of the current developments in XMPP standards. Brief explanation: The ability to make voice and video calls is by far the most requested feature for Conversations. With Jingle there is a standard extension in XMPP to negoitate P2P audio and video sessions. Implementing video calls faces many challanges. Not only network and bandwidth wise but also UX wise. Quite frankly this is a rather challenging project. We aim to actually merge the code that comes out of GSoC and we can't merge the code if the UX is bad (either because of too many edge case where it simply doesn’t work or because it looks terrible.) Expected results: Make libwebrtc build in Conversations Setup some basic A/V calls between two Conversations clients Translate the SDP output of libwrtc to Jingle syntax (Re)negoitae the session on network switches or screen rotations Implement a great accept call and call UI Difficulty: Very hard Implementation Language: Java/Android Contact Details: MUC at gsoc@conference.conversations.im
  290. MattJ \o/
  291. Zash Guess how many times I used the voice/video calling on my N900
  292. Ge0rG MattJ: you really want to break the new device use case? > at some point I'd like to just automatically remove messages that have already been received by all the user's active clients
  293. Zash Ge0rG: Why I said "margins"
  294. MattJ Ge0rG, what is the "new device use-case"?
  295. MattJ When setting up a new device, how much history do you expect?
  296. Ge0rG MattJ: dunno.
  297. Ge0rG I suppose 14 days should be more than enough
  298. Ge0rG 640KB!
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  301. Maranda why 14 days of MAM history should exactly be 640KB? Intriguing 🤔
  302. MattJ it should be enough for everyone, Maranda
  303. Maranda MattJ, I'm more curious about the value.
  304. Ge0rG Maranda: https://www.computerworld.com/article/2534312/operating-systems/the--640k--quote-won-t-go-away----but-did-gates-really-say-it-.html
  305. Maranda Ohhhh
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  307. Maranda jokes apart, I already "expire" MAM entries and with much prejudice they just "fall of after x messages"
  308. Maranda :P
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