XMPP Service Operators - 2018-04-05

  1. edhelas

    lots of spam gain…

  2. nuron

    -ping trashserver.net

  3. Bunneh

    nuron: Pong from trashserver.net in 85.665 seconds

  4. nuron


  5. nuron


  6. nuron

    -ping trashserver.net

  7. Bunneh

    nuron: Pong from trashserver.net in 0.053 seconds

  8. nuron

    much better

  9. UsL

    @uptime trashserver.net

  10. Echo1

    UsL: trashserver.net has been running for 1 day, 0 hours and 9 minutes

  11. UsL

    why doesn't it let me connect then..

  12. nuron

    Trashserver is up and I m online

  13. nuron

    But sometimes it takes very long.

  14. UsL

    this is a problem with Gajim and wicd I suspect

  15. nuron

    No the problems is the servers db

  16. UsL

    even though the plugin is active and I have the deps it doesn't work

  17. UsL

    is it?

  18. UsL

    like, I am in perpetual connecting state

  19. UsL

    I have to manually disconnect trashserver and then connect and it will let me in at once

  20. nuron


  21. UsL

    yes.. It is vexing..

  22. UsL

    I blame wicd and gajim not working wiht it properly

  23. UsL

    or the plugin then, I guess.

  24. UsL

    also, I am on an old version.

  25. Maranda

    @version xmpp.org.uk

  26. Echo1

    Maranda: xmpp.org.uk is running Prosody version 0.10.0 on Linux

  27. Maranda