XMPP Service Operators - 2018-04-27

  1. 404.city

    How to export and import roster contact?

  2. Maranda

    Apr 27 18:07:25 lightwitch.org:dialback debug sending dialback error (policy-violation) to jabber.tdslawnj.com... Apr 27 18:07:25 mod_s2s debug sending: <db:result type='error' to='jabber.tdslawnj.com' from='lightwitch.org'> Apr 27 18:07:25 s2sin6a53820 info Session closed by remote with error: invalid-id (dialback negotiation failed) Apr 27 18:07:25 mod_s2s debug sending: </stream:stream>

  3. Maranda

    Ohhhhh what mofo is this

  4. Maranda

    invalid id :O

  5. Maranda is tempted to add a tls exemption just to find out.