XMPP Service Operators - 2018-05-06

  1. nuron

    hey there, i have a question

  2. nuron

    i try to push chatsecure when a messange was send to this account. But there is no push. i usw the mod_cloud_noftiy with this patch which one should enable push. In the conversations muc Holger told me, that maybe i need to activate this option: push_notification_important_body How can i do that? In the config of cloud_notify i found this so far: local include_priority = module:get_option_boolean("push_notification_with_priority", true); local include_body = module:get_option_boolean("push_notification_with_body", false); local include_sender = module:get_option_boolean("push_notification_with_sender", false); local max_push_errors = module:get_option_number("push_max_errors", 50); What exactly shall i add to activate this option?

  3. nuron

    i hope you understand my problem, my english is very bad..

  4. nuron

    -uptime shreddox.eu

  5. Bunneh

    nuron: shreddox.eu has been running for 36 minutes and 42 seconds