XMPP Service Operators - 2018-05-08

  1. Maranda

    -ping netapp.com

  2. Bunneh

    Maranda: Pong from netapp.com in 4.336 seconds

  3. Maranda

    -version netapp.com

  4. Bunneh

    Maranda: netapp.com is running jabberd version

  5. fp-tester

    -certinfo conference.jabber.fsfe.org

  6. Bunneh

    fp-tester: conference.jabber.fsfe.org has a mismatched certificate issued by Gandi Standard SSL CA 2

  7. fp-tester

    -certinfo jabber.fsfe.org

  8. Bunneh

    fp-tester: jabber.fsfe.org has a valid certificate issued by Gandi Standard SSL CA 2

  9. nuron

    -ping jabber-germany.de

  10. Bunneh

    nuron: Pong from jabber-germany.de in 1.596 seconds

  11. madmalkav

    Hello everybody

  12. Maranda


  13. madmalkav

    I'm trying to test the SASL EXTERNAL certificate support that was added to MongooseIM. It is not working, and I see no logs on the TLS part, it shows the TLS started in the client and server, and after that, the xml message that offers PLAIn and SCRAM but not EXTERNAL . Any idea how can I get info on what failed on the TLS part ?

  14. Maranda

    is this server federated?

  15. madmalkav

    no, it is just a single test instance

  16. Maranda

    if it's c2s sasl external the server should tell you in the logs

  17. Maranda


  18. madmalkav

    I have no log of the TLS transactions. After that, server ofers plain and scram, but not external, and client says the certificate was rejected, but no more specific info in the client console or the server log. That is why I'm asking how to get more information about what happened during TLS

  19. Maranda

    madmalkav, is the certificate valid to begin with? You don't need the server to check that.

  20. Maranda

    If the certificate was emitted by your PKIX, check that the CA is added between the trusted ones of the system the server resides on, or MongooseIM itself.

  21. madmalkav

    The certificate is indeed valid. I also suspect a problem with CA, but I haven't found a log to confirm that. I wanted to see a log before starting to blindly change stuff

  22. madmalkav

    By the way, is there a way to tell MongooseIM to use a CA not in the OS CA folder? Couldn't find anything about that on the docs

  23. nuron

    why the push is not working no one knows, right? I'm using prosody 0.10 and the mod_cloud_notify was updated yesterday, but no push for iphone. In the debug i found "push enabled for xy@shreddox.eu" but push don't wokr :( Sorry for crossposting

  24. Maranda

    nuron, do you see logs about actual pings?

  25. nuron

    What pings?

  26. Maranda

    Beside that honestly how notifications should *come to look like* once they receive their destination is still obscure to myself

  27. Maranda

    pings are the actual push notifications sent to app servers

  28. Maranda

    s/they receive/they reach/

  29. nuron

    I think everything what i See and what is in the logs i had pasted up

  30. Maranda

    I'm not sure if you need to configure anything else in mod_smacks/csi to get 'em to work

  31. Maranda

    I suppose you better ask in the Prosody's room

  32. Maranda

    @ping conference.siacs.eu

  33. Echo1

    Maranda: Ping failed (remote-server-not-found): Server-to-server connection failed: Connecting failed: No route to host

  34. Maranda

    -ping conference.siacs.eu

  35. Bunneh

    Maranda: Ping failed (remote-server-not-found): Server-to-server connection failed: Connecting failed: No route to host

  36. Maranda

    hu ho?

  37. nuron

    > I suppose you better ask in the Prosody's room I've already asked before 😂

  38. Maranda

    Holger, something *unplanned*?

  39. Holger

    Maranda: Downtime of our hoster.