XMPP Service Operators - 2018-05-09

  1. madmalkav

    Good morning

  2. Maranda

    Good morning

  3. edhelas

    Good morning

  4. madmalkav

    Holidays in France, the OS support team is not available it seems. So today us time to figure out how to get MongooseIM to use a CA that is not in the OS vault. And how to get TLS transactions info.

  5. madmalkav

    Wish me luck 😅

  6. Maranda


  7. madmalkav

    That's exactly me right now

  8. Maranda


  9. madmalkav

    I normally don't work on XMPP stuff, there is some projects in my company that plans to use it in the future so from time to time my boss comes and tell me "devs wanna try this new feature in this server", and I have to do my normal job and the xmpp stuff.

  10. madmalkav

    But I hope this XMPP projects go well and I end working on this a big chunk of my time

  11. madmalkav

    Seems like openssl s_server and s_client are my only.hopes to debug my proble.

  12. MattJ

    Then you have my sympathy

  13. madmalkav


  14. madmalkav

    Heh. OS admins says they won't install any certificate to the OS, and seems like MongooseIM doesn't provide a way to define a path to custom CA certs...

  15. vanitasvitae

    -version jabberhead.tk

  16. Bunneh

    vanitasvitae: jabberhead.tk is running ejabberd version 18.04 on unix/linux 4.14.30