XMPP Service Operators - 2018-05-21

  1. madmalkav

    Cool, back from holidays and MongooseIM guys uploaded the docs for SASL External

  2. madmalkav

    Uncool, it is hardcoded to use the CN on the certificate as user. Tomorrow I will see if I can get it to work with UID instead

  3. Maranda

    -ping isode.com

  4. Bunneh

    Maranda: Ping failed (remote-server-not-found): Server-to-server connection failed: dialback authentication failed

  5. Maranda

    CN? I personally extract either xmpp addr SANs or email OID in Metronome's implementation for SASL external.

  6. madmalkav

    Well, MongooseIM just implemented it and only takes the CN

  7. madmalkav

    And my company is pretty dumb and CN have stupid data

  8. Maranda

    madmalkav, and what exactly does it expect from the CN?

  9. madmalkav

    The part before the @ of the xmpp address

  10. Maranda

    🤦‍♂ 🤦‍♂ 🤦‍♂ 🤦‍♂

  11. madmalkav

    But my company, instead of havind CN = userid , have CN=Full Name of the User - UserID

  12. madmalkav

    Terrible combination

  13. Maranda

    I have funny feelings in case the server instance serves multiples hosts.

  14. Maranda

    I have funny feelings in case the same instance serves multiples hosts.

  15. Maranda

    (which is why you should use xmpp addr SANs or E-Mail OIDs as fall back)

  16. madmalkav

    Yeah, I think they will have to work a lot into making their sasl external implementation more functional, but my boss is pretty interested in getting a PoC working with MongooseIM. I suspect he is going to hire something with Erlang Solutions sooner or later and probably will throw some IM support to the pack

  17. madmalkav

    XMPP addresses, current certs doesn't have those and I won't expect to get to change that ever. Sure as hell I won't want to be the guy that have to talk to the people that manage that to ask them. But Email OID is a good idea

  18. madmalkav

    Anyway, time to get some sleep, seey

  19. madmalkav