XMPP Service Operators - 2018-06-22

  1. Maranda

    Btw some spammers began brave and attempted to start resolving spim challenges, and in letting 'em doing so for a while I managed to gather a good amount (if not all) of their datacenters ip ranges (all from Russia and Ukraine or of people pertaining from there). If anyone's interested I'll bring out a list.

  2. edhelas

    I just blocked Russia

  3. Link Mauve

    And after that people will continue to say that CAPTCHA is a good way to prevent spammers.

  4. Maranda

    Link Mauve: i didn't use captcha, I used a very weak challenge because upto now they didn't even attempt solving, I expected that they would attempt to first or laters, so I just added another challenge in the form, and that barred 'em again

  5. Maranda

    And still not using captcha

  6. MattJ

    Maranda, $0.50 for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs: https://2captcha.com/

  7. Maranda

    MattJ, not using captchas

  8. MattJ

    We should publish a module that automates solving XMPP CAPTCHAs

  9. Maranda

    MattJ: if you like, but I'll just keep playing the borg game until it's not worth it

  10. Maranda

    (for them)

  11. edhelas

    we will need blockchain at some point

  12. Maranda

    Negative on that Houston

  13. Holger


  14. Holger

    [holger@Login.BCP] 316 (~):

  15. Holger


  16. Holger

    Licaon_Kter: https://docs.ejabberd.im/admin/configuration/#mod-disco --> see the last example for how to add contact addresses.

  17. Licaon_Kter

    Holger: thanks, I was going to look later anyway 👍