XMPP Service Operators - 2018-06-25

  1. Maranda

    @ping wiuwiu.de

  2. Echo1

    Maranda: Pong from wiuwiu.de in 3.014 seconds

  3. seantodd

    -contact chat.seantodd.co.uk

  4. Bunneh

    seantodd: chat.seantodd.co.uk doesn't have any contact addresses

  5. seantodd

    I assume the contact functionality uses disco to ask the server for it's admin contact details?

  6. Licaon_Kter

    seantodd: what server soft?

  7. seantodd


  8. seantodd


  9. alex

    seantodd, https://prosody.im/doc/modules/mod_server_contact_info

  10. seantodd

    thankyou. the coffee is not strong with this one today.

  11. alex looks at third red bull can

  12. alex

    I feel ya

  13. Ge0rG

    seantodd: I hope you don't have in-band registration enabled

  14. Ge0rG

    it's not that important to have contact info without IBR.

  15. Ge0rG

    Also you could make SRV records to get rid of "chat." in your JID ;)

  16. seantodd

    No IBR, registration is via web form. And I'll look into the SRV records, thanks.

  17. Ge0rG

    seantodd: if it's a family server, use https://modules.prosody.im/mod_invite.html

  18. Ge0rG

    there is *really* no good reason to allow anybody you don't know to register on your server.

  19. Ge0rG speaks from experience running a mid-size public server

  20. seantodd

    I've currently got registration watching enabled, but I've added the invite function, just to give it a go. The server is mainly a small test, giving me and a few others the capability of FOSS & federated encrypted chat.

  21. Ge0rG

    seantodd: if you know the other people, mod_invite is a good way to go instead of a free-for-all webform

  22. Ge0rG

    seantodd: but as long as you keep monitoring it, it should be okay.

  23. Ge0rG is just fed up with spam bots from hundreds of unmaintained IBR servers

  24. seantodd

    I'm lucky I'm small enough to dodge spam. One day I hope to integrate it with my other "cloud" services I provide people, but there's only so much a man can do whilst procrastinating at work.

  25. Ge0rG

    seantodd: nobody is small enough. Spammers are just scanning for xmpp servers.

  26. seantodd

    Ge0rG‎: hmm, I've never seen any on my box. I may just be lucky.

  27. Ge0rG

    seantodd: I suppose they focus on IBR servers right now, but I have no strong data to verify that.

  28. Ge0rG

    so if you have a web form, you might be safe. for now.

  29. seantodd

    Ge0rG‎: so, I was wrong. After an update to my web interface, I may have borked my web registration functionality anyway. Good old converse.js.

  30. Ge0rG

    Which reminds me. I need to migrate from prosody's chat.tar.gz to inverse converse mobileverse.

  31. Ge0rG

    Or somebody needs to implement proper MUC support in the former.

  32. Ge0rG looks at the room owner

  33. seantodd

    -contact chat.seantodd.co.uk

  34. seantodd

    -contact chat.seantodd.co.uk

  35. vanitasvitae

    -version jabberhead.tk

  36. Bunneh

    vanitasvitae: jabberhead.tk is running ejabberd version 18.04 on unix/linux 4.14.30

  37. seantodd

    -contact chat.seantodd.co.uk

  38. Bunneh

    seantodd: chat.seantodd.co.uk doesn't have any contact addresses

  39. seantodd

    -contact chat.seantodd.co.uk

  40. Bunneh

    seantodd: chat.seantodd.co.uk doesn't have any contact addresses

  41. seantodd

    -contact chat.seantodd.co.uk

  42. Bunneh

    seantodd: Contact addresses for chat.seantodd.co.uk are mailto:admin@seantodd.co.uk (admin) xmpp:admin@chat.seantodd.co.uk (admin) xmpp:support@chat.seantodd.co.uk (support) xmpp:abuse@chat.seantodd.co.uk (abuse) mailto:support@seantodd.co.uk (support) mailto:abuse@seantodd.co.uk (abuse)

  43. seantodd

    It's a small miracle! Thanks for your help guys!

  44. Maranda

    -contacts lightwitch.org

  45. Maranda

    -contact lightwitch.org

  46. Bunneh

    Maranda: Contact addresses for lightwitch.org are mailto:abuse@lightwitch.org (abuse) https://lightwitch.org/contact (admin) xmpp:support@conference.lightwitch.org?join (support) https://lightwitch.org/im-service/support (support)