XMPP Service Operators - 2018-08-23

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  96. Maranda huhu showing hidden rooms for server admins enabling superuser switch brought interesting results.
  97. Maranda (in disco#info that is)
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  102. Maranda *repeats question here* anyone knows if ChatSecure or Conversation or some other client do something like creating hidden members only persistent rooms, with a random name (node). To emulate some "crypto-junk groups"?
  103. Maranda found a not so small infestation of those *unused* rooms on his MUC
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  105. Holger Maranda: Yes, Conversations creates room JIDs with random node parts, and makes them members-only, hidden and persistent by default.
  106. Holger ChatSecure as well I guess, but I'd have to double-check.
  107. Maranda Holger: 👍
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  110. Maranda I'm vaguely fought on adding auto-wiping of persistent rooms inactive for more than x time, but I guess that first or later I'll have to do it.
  111. Holger Yes I'm doing that as well.
  112. MattJ How much time?
  113. MattJ Is it really necessary?
  114. Maranda MattJ, that's the tricky question
  115. Maranda MattJ, and that's the other tricky question.
  116. Holger On my servers one year.
  117. MattJ I guess there may be a MAM archive to remove for privacy reasons?
  118. Holger Yes. And JIDs on affiliation lists,
  119. Maranda MattJ, in my case that wouldn't be a problem everything gets wiped when room is destroyed
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  121. MattJ Sure, I'm not saying it's a problem - I'm thinking of reasons why you should remove the room in the first place
  122. Holger Same here, the point was that this is one of the reasons to not keep around dead rooms forever.
  123. Holger Besides data hyhiene I see neither strong reasons to remove nor to keep.
  124. Maranda MattJ, me too honestly, on lightwitch.org maybe not much but on a busier service if people with those clients start creating a dozillion of "private crypto clubs" like those then ditch 'em and forget about 'em... maybe it starts to become a problem.
  125. MattJ I work on a service that probably has over a million MUC rooms (plus archives)
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  127. MattJ But yes, data hygiene :)
  128. Link Mauve Maranda, AIUI the goal is more to emulate groups of friends than cryptoanything.
  129. Link Mauve The model here is WhatsApp AFAIK.
  130. Maranda Link Mauve, yeah I got that much, but I thought somehow it could start involving OMEMO :P
  131. MattJ It probably does, but that's separate - using generated names for MUCs is quite an old approach, I'm sure some desktop clients do it too
  132. Link Mauve Gajim for instance, when you “invite more people to a 1 to 1 conversation”.
  133. Link Mauve Alongside the upload of the previous history.
  134. Maranda Link Mauve, *upload of the previous history* 🤔 🤔 🤔
  135. Link Mauve Maranda, this protocol: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#continue
  136. Maranda ohh
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  142. Maranda it may sound cruel but I think I'll default the inactivity expiral to the usual ChanServ one on IRC (it's configurable of course)
  143. Maranda (aka one month)
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  145. Maranda (and there's a configurable whitelist as well)
  146. Maranda (and there's a configurable whitelist as well, also cleaning has to be explicitly enabled)
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  151. pep. As long as you say you're doing it in your policies, I don't see the issue. Re removing old inactive rooms
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  180. MattJ and what counts as "inactive"?
  181. MattJ No messages? or nobody joined?
  182. Licaon_Kter MattJ: I'd go with "no messages"
  183. MattJ So in this case you just notify everyone in the room that the room has been destroyed?
  184. Holger I do "nobody joined".
  185. Holger This already catches the vast majority of dead rooms for me.
  186. MattJ Good to know
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  216. Maranda MattJ: "nobody joined" I count only stanzas from occupants as last activity
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  257. Link Mauve Licaon_Kter, it seems JabberFR has had the same attack as draugr.de, at least against a user named the same way.
  258. Link Mauve I just handled it.
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  266. Maranda Ohh that's why it hickupped yesterday
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  268. Licaon_Kter Link Mauve: link?
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  334. Link Mauve https://statut.jabberfr.org/incident/20
  335. peter Thanks, Link Mauve!
  336. Link Mauve Already half of them sent an automated reply that this mailbox doesn’t exist. :|
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  338. Link Mauve On freaking abuse@…
  339. peter sigh
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