XMPP Service Operators - 2018-09-06

  1. Maranda

    regarding the spam slowing down you should also take in account that some spam bots are also intentionally avoiding to send spam to certain known *jids*

  2. Maranda

    They never send spam to me, and send very little to imadmin@lightwitch.org

  3. Maranda

    @version lightwitch.org

  4. Echo1

    Maranda: lightwitch.org is running Metronome version 3.10.10 on something very pretty

  5. peter

    That's sweet of them. ;-)

  6. Maranda

    peter, yeah too bad I was the equivalent of a *spam trap* :O

  7. Maranda

    not that it matters mod_spim_block catches all of it now anyways

  8. Martin is still happy to have never received spam although his jid is several times on his websites.

  9. pep.

    Same here, enjoying my (XMPP) spam free life