XMPP Service Operators - 2018-12-10

  1. tom


  2. tom

    is anyone here?

  3. tom


  4. mrDoctorWho

    Just ask your question

  5. tom

    oh hi!

  6. tom

    I am completely new to XMPP

  7. tom

    does anybody know of any, conferences i think they are called, that are fairly active?

  8. tom

    I am trying to stop using all forms of proprietary and centralized instant messaging, and from what I've been able to research, XMPP was the protocol that was used before the rampant centralization of internet standards, eg, people getting tricked into locking themselves into walled gardens like facebook, snapchat, telegram, discord,

  9. tom

    I am currently looking for where ever the active users of XMPP are. Trying to make some new friends

  10. pep.

    tom, if you ever come back, have a look at https://search.jabber.network

  11. mrDoctorWho

    Oh tom sorry, totally missed your message