XMPP Service Operators - 2018-12-18

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  160. SouL So, surprisingly, I've never received any SPAM and my account is quite public. Somebody in my server got the following and I can't understand how they found the JID to SPAM: Headline> gil821@manager.krible.ru/Psi says: Качественная JABBER Рассылка / Good Jabber Adverts Лучшая реклама Jabber для Вашего сервиса / Best Jabber Adverts for your service! #1 Рассылка /1 Spam Adverts = 15$ 457к JIDs Кардинг тематика! / Carding Contact List Так же ДЕЙСТВУЕТ АКЦИЯ! / Also NOW DISCOUNT! = 5 рассылок = 50$ / 5 Spam adverts = 50$ Действуют скидки при заказе от 5 рассылок / Discount for more 5 spam adverts Помощь подготовки рекламного текста Вашего сериса/шопа/и т.п Так же имеются другие тематики, уточняем лично! Food Jabber - Устранение конкурента! от 10$ в час Jabber adv_jid@jabbim.ru 24/7 Online! Приношу извинения за рассылку! P.S так же продажа комплекта спама (Jabber Spammer + Jabber base 457k = 350$ / Also selling pack for JIDs spam (Jabber Spammer + Jabber Base 457k JIDs) Price 350$
  161. Licaon_Kter SouL: was the JID a common name?
  162. MattJ and/or did they join MUCs or have contacts on certain remote servers?
  163. SouL Not at all, from what he says, he joined once to the Psi+ MUC and that is all. (Only chats with friends and family, so that is why I'm kind of puzzled) I mean, I would understand if I get SPAM but not him, wow
  164. SouL My Prosody setup is not ready to fight SPAM, I hope it does not become a problem
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  166. Ge0rG Oh, I know that spam message.
  167. Holger I got it just a minute ago.
  168. Holger First spam to *this* JID of mine ...
  169. Ge0rG Somebody got a new spam-jid list?
  170. Ge0rG Holger: so... mod_firewall, finally?
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  172. Holger Certainly bumps up a few positions in the to-do list :-)
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  174. MattJ SouL, the Psi+ MUC is on jabber.ru?
  175. SouL MattJ, yes
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  177. oli jabber.ru leaked?
  178. MattJ There are many possibilities
  179. MattJ e.g. an admin of the MUC may be on a different server that is leaked/compromised/compliant with spammers
  180. MattJ Consider that server operators have all the data that spammers want (JIDs, JIDs, JIDs)
  181. MattJ Best of all... active JIDs
  182. MattJ A rogue server operator could easily sell that info to spammers
  183. Ge0rG SouL: how much randomness is in that account name=
  184. oli we need temporary jids for muc
  185. Ge0rG MattJ: that smells like a business model
  186. MattJ Ge0rG, sure it is
  187. Ge0rG How much is a JID?
  188. MattJ It made some of the largest companies in the world successful :)
  189. MattJ 1) get users to use your free service 2) sell some amount of the data you gather from this 3) PROFIT!!!
  190. MattJ This is only one possibility. Server databases have been compromised in the past (so rosters were leaked, and I know my JID was in one of those)
  191. oli xmpp is doomed
  192. MattJ The internet is doomed. Humanity is doomed :)
  193. Ge0rG doom is doomed
  194. oli oh yeah, there are bigger problems i forgot
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  196. edhelas can we run Doom on XMPP ? 🤔
  197. Ge0rG XMPP is not a toaster.
  198. oli can we run xmpp on an amiga?
  199. Link Mauve Sure.
  200. Link Mauve My first XMPP client was built for a significantly more limited computer than my Amiga.
  201. oli could servers not use temporary jids for muc and translate between temp jid and my personal jid?
  202. Ge0rG oli: yes
  203. Ge0rG this is how MIX is going to do it, and it's a huge pile of ~shi~ complexity
  204. oli ok
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  214. Ge0rG Speaking of spam... https://github.com/JabberSPAM/blacklist just got its first entry.
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  217. Licaon_Kter Ge0rG: just one? I can scroll above and find a dozen, what gives?
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  219. MattJ Licaon_Kter, a dozen where? You mean mentioned in this MUC?
  220. MattJ Maybe you didn't read the content at https://github.com/JabberSPAM/blacklist
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  224. Licaon_Kter > otr.chat EOF
  225. Licaon_Kter > a list: blackjabber.cc, 0nl1ne.cc, xabber.de, jabber.cd, draugr.de, unstable.nl, jabberes.org, simple-systems.ru, xmpp.re, ubuntu-jabber.de, j3ws.biz, kolporter.com.pl, call2ru.com, legalize.li, jabber.tcpreset.net, beepconnect.com, itkad.ru, securejabber.me, onex.rooseveltdc.com, jabber.sibnet.ru, gnude.feste-ip.net, gug9sch.xyz, darkengine.biz, aquilius.de, jabber.hasufell.com, chat.hoferr.ch, xjabber.org, blug.moe, paranoid.scarab.name, xmpp.su, miranda.im, jabber.netzgehirn.de, fin77.info, nyarghr.com, sj.ms, privat-jabber.com, andrzejszczepaniak.co.uk, xmpp.hsbp.org, xmpp.sh,
  226. Licaon_Kter > my top10 of approximately the last two weeks: > messages bots domain > ---------- ---------- ------------------------------------ > 5630 1748 jabber.tcpreset.net > 3917 1111 otr.chat > 3318 2776 blackjabber.com > 2918 2419 jabberes.org > 2628 571 jabber.crans.org > 2574 874 jabber.ozerki.net > 2561 2109 xmpp.re > 2086 1592 unstable.nl > 1866 1548 deshalbfrei.org > 1862 1483 xabber.de
  227. Licaon_Kter Etc
  228. MattJ Licaon_Kter, those servers are used by normal users
  229. MattJ so if you block them, you can prevent ordinary users from communicating
  230. Licaon_Kter And you can vouch that otr.chat is not?
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  232. Licaon_Kter Anyway... A good start :)
  233. MattJ Efforts have been made to contact the admin of otr.chat to resolve the spam issue with their server
  234. MattJ Have you made any effort to contact the admins of the servers in that list?
  235. Link Mauve Licaon_Kter, how are you keeping track of which servers fixed their outgoing spam issues?
  236. edhelas MattJ at one moment you need to end up with those kind of decisions, if your mail server is spamming the whole planet, don't be surprised that your legit users cannot send mails to the other servers
  237. Link Mauve I can see some in your list which fixed it, for instance.
  238. MattJ edhelas, exactly
  239. Licaon_Kter Link Mauve: I'm not...having this issue
  240. Link Mauve Licaon_Kter, you are.
  241. Licaon_Kter Link Mauve: not my lists, search this MUC history
  242. Link Mauve Licaon_Kter, the list you just posted, anyway.
  243. Licaon_Kter i quoted Ge0rG and Neustradamus
  244. Ge0rG edhelas: and some RBLs are notoriously known for listing everybody and not delisting anybody.
  245. Ge0rG I don't want to end up *there*
  246. Ge0rG Licaon_Kter: what's your point?
  247. Ge0rG You can blacklist all the domains on your private server.
  248. Ge0rG if you run a public server, you need to make a trade-off
  249. Ge0rG if you run a public blacklist that other public server operators should have a good feeling to add, you need to have policies about addition and removal
  250. Ge0rG I've brought down a bunch of spam servers now, by documenting and reporting the abuse.
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  252. Licaon_Kter Ge0rG: > I've brought down a bunch of spam servers now, by documenting and reporting the abuse. Great
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  321. Neustradamus Licaon_Kter: I think you have not taken all the list, I have published other too ^^
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  326. Licaon_Kter Neustradamus: ;))
  327. Neustradamus Please look your history ;)
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