XMPP Service Operators - 2018-12-21

  1. chunk

    any server hardening suggestions for prosody w/ latest ubuntu?

  2. pep.

    The default config is generally good. You might want to look into requiring valid certificates

  3. chunk

    a dude suggested turning that off. i'm debating if that's worth it.

  4. chunk

    if my server at speed i don't think so

  5. pep.

    I don't believe in improving the status quo by aligning oneself to the lowest common denominator

  6. chunk

    yea i think you're right.

  7. chunk

    where exactly does the 'global configuration' end, at what string or line? (prosody config)

  8. chunk

    at vhosts?

  9. pep.

    At your first vhost or component declaration yes

  10. chunk

    ahh k mucho thnx