XMPP Service Operators - 2018-12-31

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  186. css Hi. Hm. I have an "idea" about something that would maybe be nice to have as an XMPP standard, but not sure whether it already exists. Would it be ok to talk about that here, or is it off-topic?
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  189. css the idea would be to have a standard that allows synchronization of per-client-logs. so currently, there is the possibility through MAM, etc., to save log on the server. but this does not work as soon as you have encrypted conversations. the idea would be to allow all own clients to communicate with each other, and synchronize the logs between them, but only have logs client-side.
  190. Licaon_Kter What is "carbons"?
  191. css Licaon_Kter, a protocol to send messages to all of your connected clients, not just to the one with the highest priority
  192. oli css: I like the idea, but it sounds like a lot of work.
  193. css oli, why do you think it is a lot of work?
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  196. oli css: do you have any proposals? maybe a first prototype can be done in a couple of days. I haven't thougt about it and gut feeling tells me it's komplex
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  198. css oli, hm, it is probably not trivial, but I don't know how complex it is. currently, what I have in mind is: talk to the other clients via OMEMO (so everything stays encrypted), tell the other clients an interval between unix-times, and then get their log-entries. But ok, I see, one would have to specify a log format. this could be more complicated than I imagined.
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  200. oli what about something with blockchain, i'm sure you can some funding for it over a couple of years.
  201. oli just kidding
  202. oli css: first thing that comes to mind. what about deleting older logs?
  203. css oli, I would leave that to clients. I would also leave to the clients, how much of log they request and save.
  204. css oli, I would just specify how to synchronize logs if both clients want it. I mean, it might also be the case that a client doesn't *want* to synchronize, because it is on mobile internet, etc.
  205. css oli, there should probably be some possibility to tell the reason why synchronization is rejected, but a simple error message should do that.
  206. oli with log entries you mean xmpp stanzas only?
  207. oli or something different?
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  209. css oli, usually, people log stanzas and sometimes online-offline-events (I have to admit I don't know exactly what messages are stanzas)
  210. oli everything is a stanza
  211. css hm. ok.
  212. css so this is what is usually logged: messages in chats and mucs. and events like when people go on- and offline.
  213. css so probably stanzas, yes.
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  224. Neustradamus https://github.com/JabberSPAM/blacklist/issues
  225. pep. Maybe you haven't read the readme in that repo
  226. Neustradamus I publish list after...
  227. pep. I mean the past where there needs to be documented steps that have been taken to contact these hosts, so that they stop spamming
  228. pep. part*
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  241. Neustradamus I can add codingteam.net, no reply from the master...
  242. Neustradamus Have you seen spam from yungjudas@5222.de?
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