XMPP Service Operators - 2019-01-01

  1. Neustradamus

    Happy new year to all

  2. diane

    happy new year

  3. Neustradamus

    Spams from jabber.ccc.de!

  4. Neustradamus

    Ge0rG: have you admin in contact?

  5. oli

    css: I wonder which transport the sync protocol would use?

  6. oli

    I feel the server shouldn't be able to read any of the sync data

  7. css

    oli: I guess that encrypting it with omemo should be sufficient?

  8. Holger

    Neustradamus: Do you have a spamming account name?

  9. Holger

    (They don't have a proper abuse contact. I just have an "inofficial" contact on my roster.)