XMPP Service Operators - 2019-01-14

  1. oli

    do xmpp servers (or clients) do OCSP checks?

  2. MattJ

    None that I'm aware... possibly M-Link (running on jabber.org)

  3. pep.

    That could be a nice thing to have indeed

  4. pep.

    oli, thanks for volunteering :p mod_ocsp is awaiting for you

  5. mightyBroccoli

    oli, the paid version of ejabberd is capable of doing ocsp checks afaik https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/1364 zinid stated that ejabberd business edition features this

  6. oli

    pep.: boring joke

  7. pep.

    I'm doing my best

  8. oli

    i was just curious.

  9. oli

    i don't even know how ocsp and ocsp stapled works exactly.

  10. xsteadfastx

    Is there some kind of up to date xmpp python transport? I may want to code a new one and need inspiration

  11. MattJ

    xsteadfastx, biboumi is written in Python

  12. Link Mauve

    MattJ, it is written in C++ though.

  13. Link Mauve

    Only the tests are in Python.

  14. MattJ


  15. xsteadfastx

    Too bad because this really looked like a up to date transport

  16. MattJ

    It's great

  17. MattJ

    But C++?!

  18. edhelas

    what's the problem with biboumi ?

  19. edhelas

    since when C++ is bad :D ?

  20. MattJ

    I'm just... surprised :)

  21. Link Mauve

    MattJ, modern C++ is quite pleasant, you should try it someday.

  22. Link Mauve

    Although, nowadays in this category I find Rust much better.

  23. edhelas is still on PHP

  24. edhelas

    --->[ ]