XMPP Service Operators - 2019-03-28

  1. tom


  2. genofire

    Nope :(

  3. genofire

    I believe there is a github issue with a lot oft unsupported services

  4. genofire

    Hubot is a Software to handle events, we use it to fetch the RSS feed of our blog and to create twitter and Facebook posts (but it is really powerful with repeated twice a month reminder for meeting on mailinglist)

  5. genofire

    muppeth: but if u like I write a support to my (web)hook2xmpp next week (if u give meet the specification) - https://dev.sum7.eu/genofire/hook2xmpp

  6. genofire

    Oh sry, I missed it UB with huginn

  7. testGroupeChat


  8. testGroupeChat

    i want to get list of connected users ; using c# and jabbernet

  9. testGroupeChat

    carlos using ejabberd server