XMPP Service Operators - 2019-04-14

  1. Douglas Terabyte

    What's the news on when this is going to happen? https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sox.html

  2. Douglas Terabyte

    Cuz, my development team really want to use SIP over XMPP.

  3. Douglas Terabyte

    Being able to self host SIP by using an XMPP account would be awesome.

  4. Douglas Terabyte

    I mean, this would probably work as well. https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0167.html

  5. Douglas Terabyte

    You guys already support this as well. https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0262.html

  6. Douglas Terabyte

    All that is left is https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sox.html to tie it together.

  7. Douglas Terabyte

    How does one get a new XMPP extension approved?

  8. tom

    Douglas Terabyte, The core specifications for XMPP are developed at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) - see RFC 6120, RFC 6121, and RFC 7622 (along with a WebSocket binding defined in RFC 7395).

  9. tom


  10. tom

    Douglas Terabyte, https://www.ietf.org/standards/process/

  11. tom

    Douglas Terabyte, you might find this interesting

  12. tom


  13. Douglas Terabyte

    I did fin this interesting, thanks for the link :)

  14. Link Mauve

    tom, Douglas Terabyte, most of the current XMPP extensions go through a standardisation process at the XSF, not at the IETF.

  15. Link Mauve

    You can do so at the IETF too for sure, but that’s in general more for protocols which need integration with other IETF specifications, like recently XMPP over WebSocket.

  16. Link Mauve

    Douglas Terabyte, as for SIP integration, you can already use Asterisk for instance to translate between Jingle and SIP.

  17. Link Mauve

    There are also libraries which convert between SDP and Jingle, such as sdp-jingle-json from OTalk.

  18. Douglas Terabyte

    Oh! So what would it take for SoX to be a standardized XMPP extension then?

  19. Link Mauve

    Douglas Terabyte, it seems weird to standardise SIP over XMPP while we already have Jingle which mostly every single client already supports.

  20. Link Mauve

    Which is probably the reason it got dropped.

  21. Link Mauve

    (Same for the plain text SDP transport XEP.)

  22. Link Mauve


  23. Link Mauve

    Also, this room is about service operators, to discuss protocols xsf@muc.xmpp.org is a lot more appropriate.

  24. Douglas Terabyte

    Thank you for the information and sorry if I am talking in the wrong room for this.

  25. Link Mauve

    No problem. :)

  26. Link Mauve

    You’re just more likely to get quality answers in the on-topic room about the protocols.

  27. Douglas Terabyte

    The reason why I was asking is I am working on a development group that wants to use an encrypted and decentralized platform for texting, group chats, calling, group calling, and video chatting. The best I could think of was running SIP over XMPP. That is until I learned that XMPP has it's own native system called Jingle.

  28. Link Mauve

    You may want to have a look at Jitsi Meet, it’s an XMPP client using Jingle to do visioconference.

  29. Link Mauve


  30. Douglas Terabyte

    I am also unfamiliar with XMPP's server setup and would like to learn as much as I can from your group on how to self host XMPP for my projects goals.

  31. Link Mauve

    It uses two components on the server side to lower the bandwidth requirements in clients.

  32. Douglas Terabyte

    Jitsi Meet you say?

  33. Link Mauve


  34. Douglas Terabyte

    Something looks fishy with the website

  35. Link Mauve

    What does?

  36. Douglas Terabyte

    I don't know, the links to the privacy breaching social media websites. I could just be acting paranoid because this software looks too good to be true.

  37. MattJ

    It is true, you can host it yourself if you want

  38. Douglas Terabyte

    I will share it with my group and test it out. Thanks :)

  39. Douglas Terabyte


  40. Douglas Terabyte

    MattJ: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/37219/

  41. MattJ

    Can you tell me what on that page you specifically have a problem with?

  42. Douglas Terabyte

    Jitsi Meet uses Google CrashLytics and Google Firebase Analytics.

  43. Link Mauve

    Douglas Terabyte, that’s just an Android application wrapper around their web code, AIUI.

  44. Link Mauve

    You haven’t given much details about what you actually want to build, is it an Android application?

  45. Douglas Terabyte

    I'm trying to find or make a XMPP/SIP client to migrate my developers and other group members away from centralized and insecure platforms such as Telegram and Discord. I just want to achieve basic feature parity with what we have already been using. We need a desktop/mobile client that offers texting, calling, video chat, group chats, and group calling but all encrypted. XMPP and SIP fit the bill the best since they are literal internet protocols that can be used with any compatible client.

  46. MattJ

    So are you planning on just using another service? or running your own?

  47. Douglas Terabyte

    Self hosting would be optimal

  48. Douglas Terabyte

    We are really set on using either XMPP or SIP or a combination of both protocols.

  49. Douglas Terabyte

    We have also considered Mumble, but it isn't as scalable as SIP and XMPP.

  50. Douglas Terabyte

    Sorry if I am continuing an unrelated topic to this channel.

  51. Licaon_Kter

    Douglas Terabyte: not really offtopic, imho I'm playing with SIP now to some degree...

  52. meaz

    > Jitsi Meet uses Google CrashLytics and Google Firebase Analytics. That is for the android application only and through google play. You can build your own if I remember correctly.

  53. tom

    google spyware